Sunday, 5 May 2013


I wonder... Is it an obsession already or just my weak spot for Martha Stewart punches? Are you the one to buy them passionately? Well, I am. I guess, I could say I'm a big fan of them now.
Recently I've been into buying paper cutting tools like punches and dies. My punch collection has expanded quite considerably and finally giving me a great variety of designs to use for my cards. I'm soooo happy about it :)
Here are my new MS punches acquired in the last 3-4 months (there's more ;P). I definitely have a thing for this brand now. The designs are unique, the quality of the punches is good, the presentation of the punches is great too - white always gives an impression of cleanliness, softness, neatness.. For most of scrapers or card makers they are the classics and an object of desire. And what's more - I've also recently discovered - Martha Stewart Crafts company tends to bring some designs onto the market and takes them off the sale after a while. So once they are gone, they are gone. Get them while you can.

Remember my post about the snowflake punches? Here is my current winter snowflake punch collection. They are the pupil of my eye now, tee hee! I've had to have a good hunt to be able to collect them all searching for the items on ebay, amazon and online shops in the UK or even in the USA. Some of them are already retiring and won't be available to buy very soon.  I had to hurry up with my searching.

This collection has an extra appealing factor - the punches have intriguing wintry Scandinavian names: (from the top, left) Artic Snowflake, Nordic Snowflake, Glacial Snowflake, Alpine Snowflake, (bottom, left): Himalayan Snowflake, Icelandic Snowflake and perhaps a little less Scandinavian sounding Looped Snowflake. There is only one snowflake missing in this collection - sadly Scandinavian Snowflake punch had been withdrawn from sale before I found out it even existed :-(

I tried searching everywhere but to no avail. I only possess this design in a form of a rubber stamps - my only consolation :)
Anyway, I will definitely be obsessing about snowflakes this year! Roll on Christmas! My toys are waiting!

If you are a fan of Martha Stewart's craft products or collect scrap booking tools yourself, give a shout,  share your thoughts please. I'd love to hear about your crafty stash and crafty shopping. 
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  1. Hi Martha,
    wonderful new helpers for your wonderful cards you make :O)
    I can understand you with buying.... I am the same, when i am in the fabrics store ;O)))
    Have a wonderful new week!
    Love and hugs

    1. Hi Claudia, thanks for visiting :)
      yes, "the helpers" are so good and any new ones are always welcome at my house :)I think, we all crafters have that irresistible urge to spend our money on crafty goodies :) every month there is something to buy! something to spend money on :)

  2. Martha- I ,for one, cannot wait to see what Scandinavian inspiration you come up with this Christmas with all of these snowflakes! Oh my, I can see red and white cards abound. How about some tiny versions that could be ornaments to hang on a tree along with those fabulous knitted Scandinavian ornaments you made last year? Instead of crocheted snowflakes, fabulous snowflake mini cards dangling from branches! What do you think?


    1. Hi Winnie,
      Thank you for your lovely comment x x
      Well, I can't wait to start making new Nordic card for Xmas 2013. I may even start mid-year! Why wait half a year? :)
      I think little paper hanging decorations would be good - I may give it a go. An inch in size, they could come out cute and ornamental. I'd like to do some gift tags with the snowflakes too.

  3. I too love the Martha Stewart craft products. The off-white color is so classy. Is this the punch you're looking for? Is there a large and a small?

    1. Hi Lori

      yes, this is the punch I've been looking for. I've been to that website before - I recall the name - if you add the item to the cart, it shows it's out of stock :( This design is retired now. No chance of buying a new one. I still hope someone will be selling it on ebay / amazon as an used item one day.
      I think this design exists only as large one.


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