Thursday, 21 July 2011

Knotted Thoughts...

My recent vase painted with vitrail glass paints in a style resembling Celtic knots. Decorated with golden outliner and glass nuggets.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Birthday Card and a Concertina Memory Book

Haven't created much recently. I feel I slowed down a bit, prolly in the anticipation of my oncoming hols. I love to make my crafty things in a fully relaxed atmosphere with no rush or pressures or deadlines and holidays are a perfect opportunity do so! Just four more get-ups! And then: create, create, create...
But in the meantime I made this card on my colleague request for little Henry who has just had his 1st birthday. Gingham pattern and some animal bubble stickers created a baby style card.

I have also made this album, a sort of a memory book in a form of a concertina. It was given as a goodbye gift to our  retiring headteacher. I stuck 16 framed photos of our children in the class as well as their hand-shaped and cut-out thank-you messages. I embellished the concertina with some daisy, stickers, die-cut letters, punched shapes, doodles and stamped images. Inside, there is one group photo of our class and teachers' signatures. The whole album as been tied up with raffia with some pony beads on it. The gift was well-received :)

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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Oldies from the past: Window art

More window art from the past. I used to paint a lot of these before I moved to the real glass painting. My choice was all sorts of motifs - from religious one, through flora and fauna to some celestial and cultural ones. 
Each painting was painted on an acetate piece and put on the window using repositionable sticky dots.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Poppy vase

This is a small poppy vase I painted on a colleague's request from her own glass painting kit :) The poppy pattern was included in the glass painting kit and so was the relief outliner. I used my own paints tho. Not sure about you but I like to see this bloody red being embraced by a golden outliner and contrasting nicely with a transparent green. What do you think, huh?

Clicking through the internet pages I've come across Wordle - an online applet to create your own word clouds. I love languages so I couldn't resist it :D Here is my tag cloud done for my hobby no.1 - glass painting :)

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Grapevine Vase

One of my recent creations - a square vase with a purple grapevine motif. Simple and minimal in decoration as it meant to be. Fine! Now, that I've finished it, I feel like revamping it a bit LOL Maybe with some more grape vine leaves on the side walls? What do you reckon? As you can see, sometimes my visions for the painted glass are very prone to fluctuating...
So, does that happen to you too? That feeling to change something once you've just finished creating it? Well, it's not all said and done for me, as I still can add some new painting to the existing one ;)

Some details of the painting...

This week has been moderately busy for me. Spent the last days of it preparing for another summer fair - Offa's Festival in Wrexham. This one turned out to be a little more successful than the disappointing one from 2 weeks ago as more people at the event equals more potential customers. It also seemed like my Houses of Love and the Seahorses were the most eye-catching and intriguing motifs of all. (Should I paint some more of them then?) The weather was fab today! Also the location was pretty good. The other craft stalls were interesting and it was great to see so much variety of crafts. Made friends with some new crafters and enjoyed my selling time today!

Oh! And last but not least, thank you Anna of Puppy Fly Boutique blog for your lovely blog award x x x Pleasure to receive this one! :)

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