Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Stamped Christmas Cards (3): Reindeer

Hi all. Hope you all have had a good week. 
I'm still having a play with my new rubber Christmas stamps from Noolibird. Here is the 3rd batch of my
Christmas cards, this time -  with the Scandinavian reindeer - probably the best known Nordic symbol apart from the eight-petal roses (also called as Nordic snowflakes). I thoroughly enjoyed myself stamping those cards. There was also an opportunity to use some of my Nordic-theme papers :) 

With a trimmed front to show the Nordic snowflake band :) 

With a baker's twine - loving this festive string!

A small one, with rounded corners, baker's twine and inked edges...

 ...and with a stamped greeting inside

Gingham pattern seems to be just right for the red-n-white Nordic theme and so does the machine stitch. I just couldn't resist not using this paper. I love adding little details like tiny cowbells which, by the way, genuinely jingle. The devil's in the detail, no doubt :)

Another machine-stitched card. I used some of Marianne's dies here to add some texture and "interestingness"

Naturally, the brown craft paper is back again :)

I've also tried the red-white-n-blue combination of colours, combined with the red stamped images and machine stitched zig-zag.

Sometimes simplicity is the best. Here, only paper, stamp and embossing were used.

Stitched, stamped and glued...

Stamping and embossing combined with Glossy Accents in action :)

Now, last but not least, I'd also like to thank to Free Spirit Designs for awarding me this lovely badge:

Thank you very much. I am accepting this reward with a big pleasure. It feels great to be noticed and distinguished by a fellow blogger. 
According to the awarding rules, you are supposed to give 7 random facts about yourself. I think I've already done that with my previous blog award but I think I could come up with another 7 extra random facts:

1. I love my kindle. I'm a great fan of ebooks and I like to have my ebook reader on me everywhere so I can read whenever I can. As you may expect my kindle is absolutely loaded with novels of all kinds.
2. I'm absolutely fixated on rubber and cling stamps - I can never stop to buy them! True stampaholic.
3. I could live without television but I can't live without the internet.
4. Two things relax me most - cats purrrring and the pitter-patter of raindrops at night.
5. I used to think that knitting and cross stitch are the most boring activities for patient grannies, now I find these crafts fascinating and therapeutic.
6. I'm a language-lover. I'd love to speak some old languages from the past like Old English or Old Norse
7. I never go with the flow. I love to divert from the common trends and fashions just to go my way. I hate being imposed on.

Also, welcome my new likers. Please, feel free to comment, feed back or just simply let me know about you  coming here and I shall visit your blogs.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Nordic Julekuler: 8 new pieces :)

My collection of knitted balls has been growing steadily for some time now. Last weekend I finally found some time to stuff and sew up the eights knitted "skins" that had been kicking around in my knitting bag. 
Here are the next eight knitted balls :)

And featured individually...

("Crown" 36/55)
Really enjoyed knitthing this pattern. Crowns are such a trendy design these days. I'm thinking of glueing some white and red rhinestones on this crown. Nothing like crown jewels, eh? :)

("Lily" 37/55)
Lily de fleur - a well-know French motif from textiles and wall papers. Apparently it symbolizes the Holy Trinity - perhaps I should check that. This design is joined and arranged interchangeably - pointing upwards and downwards.

("Butterfly" 38/55)
Butterfly symbolizes rebirth so it's a nice motif to have on the xmas tree.

("Anchor" 39/55)

("Greek Cross" 40/55)
This motif reminds me of the Greek Orthodox churches. Fun to knit and it looks great when the red dominates.

("Crown and Heart" 41/55)
Really looked forward to knitting this design - love the crown and love the heart - a perfect match!

With the 42nd knitted ball from the book, I have finally reached the chapter with the animal imagery - something I've been looking forward a lot for months! These motifs are such fun to knit! 

("Bird on a Branch" 42/55)
This design with the bird sitting on the branch is a two-sided one and is repeated twice on a ball as opposed to the one-sided designs repeated 4 times. This layout takes a little more time to knit but the final effect with a large motif spread over two walls  makes it up to you.

("Christmas Pig" 43/55)
Festive pig - quite cute with this heart in the middle, isn't it? :)
And a group photo to finish it off.

Currently, the 44th ball on my needles. 11 to go till the end of the project! :)

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