Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Stamped Christmas Cards (3): Reindeer

Hi all. Hope you all have had a good week. 
I'm still having a play with my new rubber Christmas stamps from Noolibird. Here is the 3rd batch of my
Christmas cards, this time -  with the Scandinavian reindeer - probably the best known Nordic symbol apart from the eight-petal roses (also called as Nordic snowflakes). I thoroughly enjoyed myself stamping those cards. There was also an opportunity to use some of my Nordic-theme papers :) 

With a trimmed front to show the Nordic snowflake band :) 

With a baker's twine - loving this festive string!

A small one, with rounded corners, baker's twine and inked edges...

 ...and with a stamped greeting inside

Gingham pattern seems to be just right for the red-n-white Nordic theme and so does the machine stitch. I just couldn't resist not using this paper. I love adding little details like tiny cowbells which, by the way, genuinely jingle. The devil's in the detail, no doubt :)

Another machine-stitched card. I used some of Marianne's dies here to add some texture and "interestingness"

Naturally, the brown craft paper is back again :)

I've also tried the red-white-n-blue combination of colours, combined with the red stamped images and machine stitched zig-zag.

Sometimes simplicity is the best. Here, only paper, stamp and embossing were used.

Stitched, stamped and glued...

Stamping and embossing combined with Glossy Accents in action :)

Now, last but not least, I'd also like to thank to Free Spirit Designs for awarding me this lovely badge:

Thank you very much. I am accepting this reward with a big pleasure. It feels great to be noticed and distinguished by a fellow blogger. 
According to the awarding rules, you are supposed to give 7 random facts about yourself. I think I've already done that with my previous blog award but I think I could come up with another 7 extra random facts:

1. I love my kindle. I'm a great fan of ebooks and I like to have my ebook reader on me everywhere so I can read whenever I can. As you may expect my kindle is absolutely loaded with novels of all kinds.
2. I'm absolutely fixated on rubber and cling stamps - I can never stop to buy them! True stampaholic.
3. I could live without television but I can't live without the internet.
4. Two things relax me most - cats purrrring and the pitter-patter of raindrops at night.
5. I used to think that knitting and cross stitch are the most boring activities for patient grannies, now I find these crafts fascinating and therapeutic.
6. I'm a language-lover. I'd love to speak some old languages from the past like Old English or Old Norse
7. I never go with the flow. I love to divert from the common trends and fashions just to go my way. I hate being imposed on.

Also, welcome my new likers. Please, feel free to comment, feed back or just simply let me know about you  coming here and I shall visit your blogs.


  1. Ooooh! These are SO beautiful! I love LOVE love them! You and i just be on the save wavelength, I am nearly finished with a Scandinavian-style winter portrait that involves a reindeer! My first deer to paint!
    I love seeing all the lovely things you create! Great work!

    1. Hi Heather. Thank you for your lovely comment x x
      Indeed, it looks like we are on the same wavelength being in love with Scandinavia. I'm very curious of your painted reindeer. I shall be popping in to your blog very soon, I think!
      If you would like to exchange Christmas cards with me, let me know :) I shall be working on more reindeer and other Nordic cards.

    2. I just posted the painting today! Although she's very Nordic inspired, a friend suggested I name her Gerda after the character in The Snow Queen. That's Danish, though, right? Almost Nordic! Hehehe.
      And I would love to exchange Christmas cards with you! Email me your mailing address and I'll send you mine!

    3. Yes, Gerda is a Danish name. Beautiful name for a girl. And Danish is still Nordic! I'll email you tonight about the cards swap. x x

  2. Oh-- just noticed your linked to my old blog on your sidebar! I moved addresses a while back!

    1. Yeah, I should perhaps do some blog cleaning to update the blog links :)

  3. I was just searching around for Scandinavian inspired decorations and stumbled on your blog. Oh my goodness everything you make is just darling! Would you mind sharing where you got those cute reindeer stamps?


    1. Thank you very much Danielle. Sorry for the late reply, been kinda busy.
      The stamps come from

  4. Hi Marta,
    I love all the cards you have made they all look lovely an well done on your award, you have been busy with the stamping, I'd love to link blogs with you it would good for my customers to see all the the beautiful cards you make.

    Nula xx

    1. Thanks for your kind words Nula. Feel free to link back anytime. x x


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