Sunday, 11 December 2011

Very Berry :)

Sunday evening is a Hand-made Monday time, which is where I am linking up tonight :) I've got two craft pieces to present today. The first one is a festive bird on a holly bush from the mid-week post - see here - CLICK.
Another painted vase inspired by the nature itself. This time it's a berry motif. I find it so simple and so lovely - the sight of a branch with red winter berries in a glassy vase or intertwined into a wreath or simply berries growing on a bush, covered with ice :) The motif has been painted on the front only and it meant to look lightweight and delicate. "Not too much" - was my painting rule.

The silver twigs are meant to evoke the feeling of frost and coldness and the red berries suggest that somewhere under the snow and ice some life still exists :) For more pretty pictures of berries, please see my Pinterest board - CLICK
Now I'm off to hop around some blogs to see what other have been doing this week :) 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Vase with a festive bird and a holly bush

My next creation from the last week: a chunky glassy vase with a red festive bird and branches of holly bush scattered on the remaining 3 walls. A simple but charming motif. This one was pleasure to paint :) Winter birds and holly bush are one of my favourite motifs in crafts.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Butterfly Glass Cube. Hand Made Monday

Hi all. Hope you're all well and in a crafty mood :)
This week has been extremely busy for me due to the craft fair, which took place yesterday inWrexham. I dug out my painting pots again and had been painting fresh new glass like mad all week, from Monday to Friday after hours to have some fresh and festive stuff on my stall. The fair was all right, not a big wow though. Rather poorly advertised and on top of that (apparently) there were some other 2 fairs going on at the same time somewhere in the area. Some pics for you to have a peek:

And here is my new creation from this week - a small glassy cube with a pink/purple butterfly motif on it. It sold quite quickly on the craft fair yesterday :) I wonder what a future owner is going to do with it... :) keep flowers in it? sweets? seashells? Turn it into a tealight candleholder?

The butterfly motif has been painted 3 times but in different colour arrangements. The 4th side has been deliberately left blank for the personalised words Specially For You

Thanks everybody for all the comments you've left under my last posts. Pleasure to read them x x x. Welcome my new followers too!
I'm feeling stitchy tonight, after such a busy weekend full of craft selling, shopping, driving round and helping with some home repairs I feel like putting my feet up and relax for the rest of the day with my festive stitches. Shame Sunday is almost over!

Hand-made Monday tonight! Join in and see some other lovely crafty places! I'm curious what others have been up to this week!