Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Up to much :)

Hello again. How are you? :)
Yes, I have been busy and up to much. Many things have been happening at my end - I have been cross stitching, learning to knit, glass painting, blogging, facebooking and twitting, spending money online on some new bits and bobs (love it!!), name it all... So lucky to have had a week off due to the half term break at schools. Pure bliss.

So what's new then?
The 3rd circus letter "M" has been finished :) Yay!

Before it was like this:

Then like this:

and now like this:

 with the "E" letter started already :) Slowly, slowly moving on...

In the meantime I managed to finish stitching my Christmas Heart Sampler:
But this is not the end...

All I have to do now is to find a nice festive fabric and make a cushion cover with this stitch. Still on the look-out, keeping my eyes widely open :) Even Ikea's not satisfying my demands :D

I have also started 2 new big longer lasting projects - Winter Madame cross stitch on a cream-coloured Belfast linen (my first stitch-a-long marathon)

Not much to marvel at, at the moment, just a few first stitches...

... and getting ready to lay my hands on Lily Soleil cross stitch with some lovely reindeers (yes, I do cross stitch well out of season and you might have to get used to it ;P ) Put some red canvas on my new stitiching scroll frame:

Never tried a traditional wooden scroll frame before so I wanna give it a go and see how comfy (...or not) it is to stitch using it and how well it can keep the tension. 

Some shopping has been done too :) Among many crafty items some original Tilda fabrics for my sewing projects:

And some red Scandinavian-looking fabrics (Surprise! Surprise!) arrived at my doorstep from Ebay :)

Aren't those designs gorgeous! I'm in love with them! Such a shame to cut them up! :)
As you have prolly noticed I'm already making preparation for the next Christmas, squirelling away those fabrics :)))) Sometimes I feel as if I was a hamster, really ;P

Well, no more crafty news now, that will have to do for the time being ;) as I could go on and on like this forever :) I'll leave some more revelations for the next blog posts. Think I'm gonna stitch my evening away tonight. Take care x x x

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Circus Alphabet and hand-painted pegs

Hi all! Haven't been here for a while but coming back as I always do, with some new arty-farty pieces :) This is what I've been working on for the past few weeks:

Two weeks ago I finally started to stitch that gorgeous Emily Peacock's circus font alphabet I've kept my eye on for so long. Got the proper threads, nice canvas, printed out the charts and ready...steady... GO! I decided to make a mantlepiece bunting with the words on it: Home, Sweet Home. With these vibrant, trendy font, the garland will definitely make a statement :) So far I've stitched two letters on a soft creamy evenweave:

The stitched pieces will be trimmed down and probaby sewn on a different background and ultimately hung using wooden pegs on a natural jute string forming sort of a washing line. Such is the vision, at the moment :) May change it if something better pops in my head, but not sure yet..
These letters are quite sizeable, circa 9cm x 9cm. I do realize it's gonna take a while before the whole bunting letters are stitched. If I keep on stitching this design with the speed I'm stitching now (roughly one letter per week) I may be ready by summer :)
Another letter "M" has started to arise on my stitiching frame:

I'm hoping to finish it off by the end of the next weekend, fingers x x x! :)

Now, my next new creation: dotted wooden pegs painted with acrylic paints, actually I finished them today afternoon!

These are to be used on my future washing line with the circus font words, creating sorta casual  and sorta  folky effect :)

As I'm working on some new things at the moment, I'm also working on my red-white festive cushion sampler in the background. Although my new circus letters draw me away from it, there's been some progress with this one too since I last showed it on the blog. Not much to go, really, one side of a frame to fill up with Christmas trees and snowflakes plus some loose random dots within the heart frame. Then the stitch is finished and I'm left only with finding a proper festive fabric to make the cushion cover :) Need to get a grip and finish it off. Tired of a long season of stitching in red and desperate for some fresh vibrant colours.

I have recently created my own Facebook webpage. Follow me if you wanna know what I'm up to :) I'll keep you posted :)

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