Sunday, 22 January 2012

Winter Berries - Candleholder

Another piece of my recent glass art. One of my favourite motifs - floral pattern (ivy? holly bush? never managed to solve this question) with some red berries. This time I painted it all in warm colours - gold, red and orange. Pretty pleased with the final result. What d'ya think, huh? :)

I think this one would look nice with some golden sand / granules and a candle right in the centre :)
This is not the first time I've painted this motif. About 2 years ago I painted this version - green, gold and red.

Both candleholders became Christmas gifts. The next one I paint will be for me! :)

Hand-made Monday linking fun at Wendy's blog. Pop in and join, everyone! 

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Festive tealight candleholders

Hi all. More glass art to show :) I made these before Christmas. Simple festive motifs, painted with glass paints in classic Christmassy colours - red, green, yellow, gold. Added some very fine dusty glitter to make them more sparkly. My favourite shape of glass. Pleasure to paint.

There are three different motifs on them but only one - hollybush - joins them all :)

This set of 3 votives was a Christmas gift for one of my friends from Poland. Well-received and enjoyed a lot, apparently, I was told so by her :)

Now, last but not least - Sarah of Tilly Mint Boutique has awarded me tonight with a Liebster Award,

which was a lovely discovery when I came on to my blog today. Thank you very much, Sarah! Pleasure to receive this award. x x x I may have to give myself a good thinking time before giving this award to some of my favourites :)

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Scandinavian-style Festive Lanterns

Hi all. Still in festive mood, as you've probably noticed. Got some outstanding stuff to show, which I didn't manage to do so before Christmas. A while ago I had a great idea to make my own festive lanterns with a sort of Nordic look so I started turning a few black metal-framed lanterns (from Poundworld!!) into white festive Scandinavian tealight holders. They had been sprayed with a white gloss first, dried up then I removed all the glass panes and painted all sorts of Christmassy motifs on each one. I used only white outliner and red glass paint. Motifs were kept simple as possible and they vary - from snowflakes, Scandinavian stars, reindeers to stockings, gloves and folky hearts etc.

And this is what the individual motifs looks like:

And this is when they are lit, with tealights inside...

Finally I can enjoy my long-awaited completed project! Wish it was Christmas again!

Sunday night and it's time for the 1st Hand-made Monday this year. Come on, join in and have fun!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Some Christmassy Stuff

Welcome 2012!!!
Happy New Year everyone!!! Have a good and healthy one!

First post in the New Year :) Can't believe how time flies, especially when you have to fly home for Christmas to see your family. Christmas may be over but I still have got some stuff to reveal on my blog. Ta-daaah! My last set of hand-made, cross-stitched cards in a beloved Nordic theme. Made and sent off last minute, on the day of my flight! 

I made these cards deliberately simple, minimalistic, folky and naive. The cross stitch is in the centre and to be the focus of attention :) Red and white reindeer are a must-have this year in my Christmas decoration.

some details of the cross stitch:

I found the combination of turquoise blue, red and white quite fascinating...

The stitches have been isolated by me individually and compiled on the canvas. I used A Cross Stitcher's Countdown to Christmas book and The Stitches - a monthly magazine as a source of cross stitch charts.