Sunday, 1 January 2012

Some Christmassy Stuff

Welcome 2012!!!
Happy New Year everyone!!! Have a good and healthy one!

First post in the New Year :) Can't believe how time flies, especially when you have to fly home for Christmas to see your family. Christmas may be over but I still have got some stuff to reveal on my blog. Ta-daaah! My last set of hand-made, cross-stitched cards in a beloved Nordic theme. Made and sent off last minute, on the day of my flight! 

I made these cards deliberately simple, minimalistic, folky and naive. The cross stitch is in the centre and to be the focus of attention :) Red and white reindeer are a must-have this year in my Christmas decoration.

some details of the cross stitch:

I found the combination of turquoise blue, red and white quite fascinating...

The stitches have been isolated by me individually and compiled on the canvas. I used A Cross Stitcher's Countdown to Christmas book and The Stitches - a monthly magazine as a source of cross stitch charts.


  1. Martha, those are just stunning. I cannot imagine the work you put into them! Having done just a little cross stitching I can't even contemplate doing that much work! :) I'm sure they were very appreciated.
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I hope 2012 brings you good health and much happiness. Here is to lots of crafting in the next year! :)

  2. Oh, they are absolutely brilliant cards. Your friends and family must have been thrilled & amazed to receive them. I love the blue, red & white combination too - definitely Scandi magic. Happy New Year Ax

  3. Thats pretty mind blowing. I can't begin to think how many hours work you have invested in them. A stunning collection which you should be justly proud of. I do hope the recipients realized just how much work went into them.

  4. Martha they are absolutely beautiful. I would definitely frame one of these if I got it and bring it out every Christmas Mich x

  5. Susie, Adaliza, Carol and Mich thanks girls ;-)I've been quite pleased with this series of cards. Indeed some time had to be spent on them, great to hear someone realizes that x x x

  6. I just love your cards, so festive and welcome back

  7. Wow, i just love these! Im a sucker for a good nordic theme. These are gorgeous and you did a fabulous job!~ happy new year!

  8. Your cards are just stunning. I, too, would frame it if I received one. Just too good for cards, really! Happy new year x

  9. I have to show them to my daughter! Your cards are beautiful! I love these patterns. Happy New Year!

  10. Hi Martha! Dropping in after long... was busy with my sister's wedding, followed by a relocation to a different city. Finally settling down a bit at this new place.

    These cross-stitched cards look very pretty, and you're right about the color scheme. It does look perfect. I especially like the 3rd one from the top... the one with the frayed edges. Your work is really neat... both the embroidery, as well as the glass painting.

    Cheers... and have a great New Year! :D


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