Sunday, 30 September 2012

Winter Sampler

Long cold evenings are good for staying in and crafting. You wrap yourself in a blanket, hot cup of tea nearby, some nibbles and off you go in your craft world- cross stitch, knitting, embroidering.... or anything else if you prefer so. This is exactly what I love doing when autumn and winter come. Inspired by the Facebook cross stitch groups, after hours, I keep getting back to work more on my wintery sampler. Finished the 2nd decorative band and now moved to last part - the bottom band.

Still not sure if this stitch will end up as a picture or a bell pull. I'll decide on it when I've finished. 

Hey! Look what I've bought - Wendy, you may like this - a new issue of Craft Seller with a series of long awaited Scandinavian-themed papers! :)))

 First, there is Wendy's heart garland project - lovely to see it published! I feel temped to make my own!

Then, there are the papers! Wendy, you were right - I do love them! Don't wanna cut them up! Just want to keep them!

 The patterns are really great! Reindeer and birds and hearts are my favourites.

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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Book with Scandinavian Cross Stitch Motifs

Sometimes life really makes your day and such was the day when this book had arrived at my doorstep - Motifs Scandinaves Traditionnels by Valerie Schira - another fabulous collection of Nordic motifs for stitching and perhaps for knitting as well. It has become a great addiction to my craftbooks shelf. The book is entirely French and it's beautifully illustrated. I spotted it on this blog and fell in love instantly. I knew I had to have it and here is is! I bought it from this French online book store

There is a wide variety of single motifs for your own sampler compilation  as well as entire samplers to stitch. A few exemplary photos to show you what's inside the book.

The motifs in the book originate from the whole Scandinavia - Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland. They range from simple a few-stitch ones to more elaborate designs. If you're a cross stitcher in love with samplers, you should have this book! :)

A new batch of Heilo yarn has arrived recently too - 4 fresh bundles of off-white yarn for my julekuler. I use this colour a lot! I'm hoping to finish my target 55 knitted balls with this amount of yarn.

I also foster my interest in Scandinavia by some ocassional buys, for example like this wonderful festive plate from the BHStores with a central partridge in the pear tree design. 

Currently working on my 42nd knitted ball :) Not far to go!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Stamped Christmas Cards (2)

Hi all. My stamping craze continues. I've been having fun with some of my new stamps. This time it's a fab folky stocking stamp from Noolibird. Another batch of stamped cards arose over the last week and weekend. 13 new, Nordic themed cards. Naturally, the reds and white / ecru dominate. I used Vivi Gade papers - series: Copenhagen.

A large card with 4 hanging stockings - a great display idea and a cardlift of one of Noolibird's cards. originally the stockings were stitched to the card but I used a baker's twine as a string and brown craft paper as backing . Stamped words - The Waltzing Mouse stamps.

Same idea but a different arrangement :)

Red, white and green? Why not!

A card with a piece of  acetate stamped and edged with patterned scissors. Looks good in sunlight and with the sparkly snowflakes.

Blue, white and gold... I liked this combination. Should try more cards in this fashion.

Couldn't resist making a couple of green cards too.

Quite pleased with this set of cards. Surely I won't run out of them, will I? Now moving on to stamping reindeer designs :)

Time for Hand-made Monday at Handmade Harbour. Very curious what other crafters have been up to recently. Do join in! 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Vase with a handbag

My recent piece of painted glass - a vase with a personalised handbag and flowers. A commission from my colleague A. and also a birthday gift for a lady. The design has been entirely chosen by my colleague including the central design, flowers and colours. Hope the gift was well received :)

To paint the bag I used a pearlised semi-translucent Pebeo Prisme paint and filled the hearts at the bottom with a transparent vitrail paint for a peeking effect and contrast. Quite pleased with the wording too :) Overall  - a girly gift for a stylish lady :)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Cards with owls

Two trendy owls "glass painted" on a piece of acetate and made into cards :)

A Christmas owl surrounded by stamped snowflakes :)

Both cards, side by side