Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Nordic Julekuler: "Angel" 34/55 and "Harp" 35/55

More knitted balls on the horizon :)

 ("Angel" 34/55)

 ("Harp" 35/55)
And both together...

5 "skins" waiting to be finished. Currently the 41st ball on my needles :) 
And this is what my wintery Nordic sampler looks like at the moment: I'm currently working on the upper decorative band. Not the best photo in the world but with the shorter days and longer nights drawing in, it's getting more and more difficult to catch some natural sunlight in the afternoon, after work....

At the moment just enjoying the card making session!

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  1. Love the nordic sampler hun.ur stil busy wiv ur balls be one big christmas tree you've got.


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