Monday, 26 September 2011

Hello again :)

Hi. I haven't been here a while. Dunno why. Time flies so fast that I found it difficult to get round to posting on my blog. But I'm back. Oh no! I haven't been loafing around though :P I've been busy with my cross stitch projects and here is the outcome of my prolonged blog silence:

This is a hanging decoration with a wedding sampler motif - two folky birds - just as I like it :)  the design is by Joan Elliott and comes from the book "Cross stitched Greeting Cards. 70 Stunning Designs for Every Occasion". Originally, it meant to be a sizeable cross stitched card but I thought a cross stitched cushion like that would be even more eye catching :) It took a while to stitch this one due to large amount of details, which is characteristic of all samplers. but it was worth it, I think. This decoration is going to be sent over abroad to my cousin and her husband to commemorate their wedding day.

The cushion has got a backing fabric in coordinated colours and so is the ribbon :)

Well this is not the end as I've been also stitching these:

 and these:

This is what they looked like a week ago :) There's been some progress and now the stitches look like this:

Now all I need is to iron my stitches, stuff them, sew them up, attach some red beads and enjoy! :) They are going to be a part of Christmas decoration for the mantlepiece. 
In the meantime I also made this card, welcoming my colleague's son into this world:

And I've also started another project - I'm turning some little black metal framed garden lanterns into white christmassy tealight candleholders with some red and white glass painted motifs, Scandinavian ones, of course ;)

The black metalwork has been sprayed with some white gloss paint and now the glass panes are waiting to be painted :) I'm hoping to get round to it soon!

For my crafts I've recently bought some lovely books :D (Gosh, I can't ever resist them, can I?)

My latest "faves" - little booklets with absolutely gorgeous cross stitch designs from Rico Designs:

This book has a wonderful collection of Nordic designs :D Surely, I'm gonna stitch some of them this year!

I fell in love with these wintery blue gloves!

Aren't they gorgeous???

Well, the cherry on the cake among my crafty shopping are these two buys from Sewandso: 2 Christmas table cloths to be stitched. The moment I saw these red prancing reindeers, I knew this table cloth would be mine! Dunno how I'm gonna do this, but I'd love to stitch both for Christmas this year! .... or at least one of them!

Well, I think I'll stop here although there is more to show and brag about :P Let's not forget that it's Handmade Monday at Wendy's so get clicking guys to see some great crafty stuff others have made. I'm joining in tonight. 
Thanks for dropping by and leaving some warm comments behind. x x x