Sunday, 2 September 2012

Scandi-obsession: Nordic Julekuler and a Nordic-style glass

Hi all! Enjoyed your weekend? I certainly did. The weather has been gorgeous and I enjoyed my last holiday weekend in the sun in my garden. As for the crafts, well, as you can see this year I'm equally obsessing about any Nordic stuff as much as I was last year and I still find the Nordic culture fascinating. Here are more of my recent red-n-white makes.
Some more new Norwegian Julekuler finished off and decorated. I have finally reached the book chapter with the heart designs and I enjoyed knitting them a lot! 
*(julekuler  = Christmas balls in Norwegian)

Individually, with their names...

 ("Christmas Package" 29/55)

These three gemmed heart balls are my favourites in this batch of balls :) Simple but charming pattern, easy to knit and it looks great when embellished with some rhinestones. They will sparkle nicely in the sunlight if you place the balls near a window.

 ("Heart" 30/55)

 ("Heart" 30/55)

 ("Heart Lattice" 31/55)

  ("Hospitality: Room in the Heart" 32/55)

                                                                ("Meeting Hearts" 33/55)

There is some more work in the progress. Currently knitting my 38th ball :)

For my "julekuler" I have glass-painted a big glass cube to display the balls in (or perhaps some sweets or little baubles, not sure yet...) I decided to give this plain glass a decorative band with some Norwegian motifs. I used a white and red relief paste as well as I glued on some red and white rhinestones for the sparkly finish. I left the band partially transparent as I decided it looks better when you can see through it. The cube retains the lightness this way, I think.

And this is what the cube looks like when empty...

Sadly today has been the last day of my holidays. Back to work tomorrow! This means less time for crafting! Boooo!!
Hand-made Monday time! Head over to Handmade Harbour blog to see what other crafty people have been up to!


  1. I love your Nordic baubles and adding the gemstones is such a good idea

  2. The contrast between the gems and the knitting gives the baubles a new level of interest. I just love them.

  3. I love the colours and patterns used in your work. x

  4. What can I say....the glass pattern is gorgeous and shows off your knitted balls lovely.

  5. Aren't they super - totally Nordic! Pretty glass too. Love the names of the patterns too. Really lovely - clever you!

  6. Your baubles look really great in the painted glass box.

  7. I've been watching all your craft and love but which are more Christmas balls, so much so that I asked amazon book Arne & Carlos, I've also been looking at their website, but I'm eager to start making some ball has you can start and send desirme as a pattern


    Louise Taylor


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