Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Floral Cards (5)

My last batch of floral cards to reveal. These are mostly tent cards - long and narrow. I like this card format - it's a bit unusual and versatile at the same time - you can put the card vertically and get "a tall greeting card" or place it horizontally and have a long tent card. I like to experiment with the element layout on such card blanks. 

Some Martha Stewart edge punches and Spellbinders dies have been used to make these cards. I've also used some colour coordinated backing papers, punched branches, ribbons, glass painting outliner paste and little sticky gems. Now my home supply of spare greeting cards has finally been restocked :) as the card box has been remaining empty for months.
With the new craft goodies from the last weeks at home, I'm very keen to sit down and make some more cards. 


  1. Love them. So bright and beautiful. This is my favorite card shape. The only thing I don't like about it is that I have trouble finding envelopes for them. I haven't searched online though. I have a friend who loves Spellbinders. She always shows me her newest creations.

  2. Thank you Lori.
    I like this type of card too - always look forward to arranging the layout on them - sometimes it's challenging. I always buy sets of card blanks that already come with matching envelopes. Both are the same colour and size.
    Spellbinders are great and what fantastic choice of dies to choose from - I have a couple on my minds to buy and trying to put some money away at the moment. They are very expensive in Britain, similarly to Martha Stewart's products.

  3. very pretty! I especially love the purple one ;)

  4. Hi Martha,
    you are so busy, doing all those wonderful cards!
    Have a lovely day,
    hugs to you,

    1. Thanks Claudia :)
      Truly, I can't complain of being bored ha ha!

  5. Beautiful and so creative! I love the purple ones the best. What lovely works of art to share when you wish to send a card!


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