Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Card for Dad

My dad had his celebration day last March which actually falls on the same time as St Patrick's day. I made a card with a vintage car for him and used some lovely rich brown scrapbooking paper for the background. I've kept this pretty paper in my crafty stash for a long time hesitating each time if I should use it or not - touching it, looking at it and putting it away each time (don't we all do that sometimes with our resources?:P) Dad definitely deserves this. The edges of the paper and the badge have been distressed for the old look ;) 

The vintage card was well received. Dad and mum really like it :)
I also jazzed up one Easter card :) Initially it looked like this:

I found it a bit too plain so I embellished it with a relief paste I normally use when I do glass painting :) I thought the little dots would add a bit cheer to it.
Now it looks like this:

Currently I'm enjoying my 2nd week of Easter (school) break so plenty of lying-ins, reading and working on some little cross stitched cards :)

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  1. Lovely, lovely cards. I enjoy making cards too, so I'll enjoy all your creations.

    1. thank you! Would love to see yours, do you post them on your blog? :)

  2. Those cards are wonderful, Martha!
    Have a happy week,

    1. thanks Claudia, nice to see you here again! :)


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