Tuesday, 9 April 2013

In my free time...

Hi everybody and whoever pops in here for a peek :) Just a quick blog update on what I've been up to for the past few days... Well... There's been some cross stitching... My interest in making the tiny little x's on a canvas has come back after some cross stitching break (boredom?). Recently, I've reached out for some small cross stitched cards projects and I'm also currently trying to finish one of my UFOs - a set of 4 sizeable Easter cards that I've been stitching for 2 years now!

With Easter over or not, the stuff has got to be finished at some point! So I made a promise to myself that I won't be starting any new big projects untill at least some of my UFOs (= UnFinished Objects) will be finished and I've got at least 5 of them kicking around! Let the UFOs land! :) In the meantime, I will allow myself to stitch only some little projects like those little cross stitch add-ons you find attached to the  crafty magazines. They are quick to stitch and I won't have time to get bored :)

Today a colleague of mine, Andrea, presented me with another knitting book that has been given to me by her mum. The book is about knitting sweaters including the fair isle style, which I wish to learn to knit in the future :)

Love this set! The fair isle patterns are so pretty and they seem to be never out of fashion :)

Love this chevron top too! Uaaahh, I want one!

Really like the book as it's a good source of patterns. 
Thank you Andrea + Andrea's mum!!! x x x

Last Sunday I found at Tesco a new issue of Simply Homemade with these lovely goodies attached: "stitchy" stamps, mother of pearl buttons and a supa cute metal tin for pins - love it!

Think I have a weakness for pretty tins :)

Not just crafts on my mind. Been relaxing by reading some books recently. Trying to catch up with my reading targets and mind you, the statistics are always shouting that people don't read enough nowadays. Well, I'm contributing to those statistics then :)
Currently I'm rediscovering my favourite writer - Julio Cortazar, whose unique, magical, unpredictable, whimsical and dream-like short stories as if coming from the crack between the dream and reality captured my heart forever. So I grabbed my 2-volume set of book, which is a full compilation of his stories written throughout his life and I'm relishing them again. One by one. Just before my sleep. Strongly recommended :)

I'm reading the stories in Polish as the translation by Zofia Chądzyńska (Cortazar's close friend!) is a really good one and you get that thorough sense... deep meaning better :) Nothing lost in translation ;)

On my way to work I'm currently enjoying a totally different book - "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy - a postapocalyptic novel about the world facing its last days and about how humanity fights for its survival. Spooky, a bit disturbing, yet intriguing.

Well, I guess that's all news at the moment. Enjoy your evening and thanks for stopping by. x x



  1. Hi Martha,
    your crossed stich UFO's look so nice and I am looking forward to see them finished :O)
    The knitting Book is great! Wonderful Fair Isle patterns! I am sure, it is a lot of fun to knit those patterns :O)))
    Your hearty pins are nice too!
    The books, I can't say anything, don't know about this bookwriter. But reading good books always is nice!
    Have a lovely day,
    hugs to you,
    (Did you think about the Tulip table Runner? )

  2. I join Claudia in her comment: the Fair Isle book looks very interesting and the tin is sooo cute!
    I was also reading your post on the blessing of the Easter eggs; there is a similar tradition in Italy, where the eggs are blessed when the priest visits the house for the Easter blessing of the homes. Is there such a custom in Poland too?
    Thanks for your good posts, I very much enjoyed your posts on knitting the Christmas balls, they're so beautiful.

    1. Hi and thanks for your comment. Lovely you came in touch with me. It's nice to meet people with the same fascinations.

      I don't know Italian Easter customs but visiting homes for blessing sounds nice. We have priests visiting our homes right after Christmas, also for the blessing job and meeting their parishioners :)

      Glad you enjoyed reading the posts. Always welcome to pop in and have a nose around.


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