Saturday, 13 April 2013

Floral Cards (3)

Hi all. 
Another batch of my hand made floral cards :)  All made from a style and colour-coordinated card making pack I kept stashed away for a while. These were fun to make. 

Rose card with a decoupaged central piece :)

My lastest fascination - zigzags and punches :)

Finally I had an opportunity to use some of my spellbinders dies that had't been used even once before.

A bit of patch working and stitching..

Today I spent all my day cross stitching and working on my UFOs. Very relaxing especially when a glass of cider is standing next to :) and finally I feel I'm moving on with my projects that I got stuck on. Nothing finished yet to be shown but as soon as I've had anything done, I'll blog about it :)
Hope you're having a good weekend. x x



  1. Hi Martha,
    lovely cards again!
    Have a lovely new week,
    I will go and do some sewing ;O)
    Hugs to you,

    1. Thank you! x x x
      I shall be visiting you back soon!


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