Tuesday, 16 April 2013

3 Cross stitched cards

Hello world :)

Looks like my cross stitching mojo is back, at least for a while. Bored a bit with long months of knitting, I decided not to waste any time and grabbed a couple of little cross stitch projects. They were the stitched motifs for the cards. Supa cute and fun to stitch.

The Japanese kokeshi doll - I'm sentimental about them. My very first cross stitch I took in my hands was just one of these (click here to see it, it was one of those pre-blog times :)). It got me hooked on cross stitching which previously I used to think was boring and patience testing. This one is so sweet - I really enjoyed stitching this little Japanese lady. The extra sewn-on ribbon is an extra cuteness factor, I think :) The project was an add-on to one of the recent issues of Cross Stitcher. 

My other choice was a set of two cross stitched cards with the well-known characters designed by Margaret Sherry :) The cat is so sweet but the back stitching the outlines was a bit of a nightmare LOL Eventually I at some point I gave up following the chart and ended up stitching it my way :)))

The mice in a jacuzzi cup were a bit easier to stitch :) Phew!

And all 3 card altogether. Very pleased with them.

Currently working on my UFOs - a series of Easter cross stitched cards. Not even half way through yet but getting there... :)))

Well, no more news for today. Thanks for any comments you leave on my blog. Much appreciated and pleasure to read.
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  1. Good morning Martha,
    oh, those cards are wonderful!
    Specially the ones with Mice and Cat in the Mug :O)) So sweet!
    Have a lovely day,
    take care,
    hugs to you

  2. All 3 cards are very cute, my favourite are the mice!

  3. These are SOOO cute! Is there anything you cant do with fibers? Love the little japanese doll, my daughter would go crazy for that. She's so cute. These are all adorable and perfect for spring!

  4. Wow are these 3 wonderful cards. I love that they can become framed art - they really are so cute! And the mice and kitty peeking out of the teacup? Brilliant! :)

  5. I just love these three handstitched cards! They really are frameable...wowser! I love the kitten and little mice peeking from the tea cup...super cute!


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