Monday, 13 May 2013

Goodies :)

I probably don't have to tell you that: goodies are irresistible. Especially the crafty goodies :) Recently one such a goodie simply made my day:A set of Christmas stamps. Seems like it's just any set of stamps, like many million others. Wrong. For me this is a very special set of stamps. For two reasons: First, it's a Nordic Noel theme - and I'm a total Scandi-maniac, as you probably know already. Second, these a muse studio stamps are not sold anywhere outside the USA. They are sold through the network of a muse studio consultants and not shipped abroad. I've been on a long hunt for them scouring the whole internet and almost gave up my hope of being able to get hold of them. Until one day a lovely lady Chris made it possible for me to have them! I'm soooo grateful to Chris for this opportunity to have this set of stamp. The stamps are soooo my style and I simply can't wait to start my Christmas cards. 

Curiously, this set of stamps includes the Scandinavian Snowflake design - the very same design of the Martha Stewart's punch which, to the disappointment of many crafters, have been withdrawn from the production ( I wrote about the snowflake punches a couple of posts ago). A few of these stamps can be also used out of Christmas season, which is a bonus.
The stamps inside the case look like this:

They are solid, good quality rubber stamps and I'm glad they are not polymer /silicone ones. The rubber stamps never discolour and seem to be longer-lasting in general. The case included some extra surprise goodies too - some coloured buttons and a ribbon. Thank you Chris! x 

Now, looking at these two stamp sets, would you tell now I'm a real Scandi-maniac? :)

Anything of Nordic design catches my attention :) That's for sure.

The recent Cross Stitcher issue has got a lovely freebie this month:
a cute round metal tin for needles and a set of 3 stitching needles to go with

There was a choice of two tins. I wanted the one with flowers :)

My Cross Stitcher is on subscription so I had not choice...but I was lucky enough to gett the very one I wanted. Yipeee! :)))

Well, I'm a happy stitcher with a cute tin now LOL ;)

Have I ever mentioned that I like to collect the craft stamps with a cross stitch design? Well, it seems like recently this trend has blossomed up. These days you can find the xxx designs in many stamp sets like for eg. Marianne's Designs sets. Some time ago I mentioned buying a cross stitched alphabet stamp set and not so long ago I also mentioned these two sets:

 and not much later those lovely stamps from Stempell & Kartoon followed:

These are such fun to use on your cards. The designs are great. You can create many borders and frames stamping the cross stitch in many colour inks. I've already had a go at them and will be blogging about the results soon. I just love that rustic cross stittch embroidery look <3

Keep in touch. Cheerio! x x


  1. looovely Nordic stamps :) I can't resist Christmas themes.... glad you could get hold of them! also like the tins and the cross-stitch stamps, I had never seen them before.. learning something new!

  2. I love it when you get new goodies! Always fun to see new things. I've never heard of a muse studio. I'll have to check them out.

  3. Hi Martha,
    wonderful Goodies :O)
    I love the nordic stamps and this MAgazin with the lovely Needle Tin :O)
    Looking forward for your new cards!
    Have a lovela day, and thank you for all your kind comments!
    big hugs


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