Monday, 6 May 2013

Sparkly Cards (1)

Last Saturday I was going through my card making magazines and I found this freebie:

2 sheets of backing paper and 2 sheets with the coordinated embellishments to make your own cards. I especially liked the mint green ones so I started with them first. The label on the packaging says you can make at least 3 cards. Did they mean 3 out of each colour set or 3 altogether? No idea. Eventually, I ended up with 9 - 5 mint green cards and 4 pink ones :) As I tend to jazz things up a bit, I've added some of my stuff too - sparkly adhesive gems, punched laces, ribbons, peel offs and some backing papers. I like a bit of sparkle, and you?

The papers and card toppers themselves are very ornamental so I tried not to overdo the cards. I like the shiny mirror-like elements on them. The sparkly gems have been added to accentuate this shiny jewel effect.

For a change, the leafy green background and ribbons have been chosen for the garden-themed card topper.

More sparkly cards coming soon :)


  1. nice work... especially love the one with the veggie garden :)

    1. Thank you :) I enjoyed making these cards.

  2. Good morning Martha,
    oh, it was good you looked through your card making magazines and found this Freebie :O) The sparkling cards are so nice!
    The Gardener Card and this Thank you Card are wonderful! My favorites ;O)
    Thank you so much for all your so kind words, you left :O)))
    Have a wonderful day and a lovely week!
    Take care,
    Big hugs
    Claudia XO

    1. Hi Claudia,
      nice to hear from you and thanks for the kind comment on my cards x x
      I think "thank-you" card is my favourite too.

  3. Mint green and pink are such perfect Spring colors for anything from cards to clothing. I especially love the card with the garden. All of those cute veggies!! Who does not love that Peter Rabbit garden look for the perfect card?

    1. Thanks Winnie x x
      oh yes, I did like that veg card topper too! :)


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