Friday, 31 May 2013

Knitting and Crochet books

Hi all. Hope you are all ok and enjoying sunny Friday :) We've had a gorgeous sunny day (finally!) over here in Flintshire.
There have been two books I've been eyeing on Amazon for a while and finally here they are! At my place!  In my hands! :) These are Crochet Workshop by Erika Knight and Circular Knitting by Margaret Radcliffe.

Below, a few photos for you to have a peek. Both are beautifully published with lots of gorgeous photographs inside. Crochet Workshop features some lovely natural beige tone yarns and the projects look very appealing (I'm salivating whenever I open this book!). The book is targeted mostly at beginners (me in this case) but an advanced person will surely find something for themselves. There are nice explanations and pictures on how to master your crochet basics. Very appealing and tempting overall.

Some luscious photos <3

There are both verbal descriptions as well as the crochet symbol charts. Whichever you prefer. I really need to study those crochet charts. At the moment they are all mystery to me.

A couple of exemplary projects. I just love these slippers!

Or... how about a kindle / notebook cover?

I'm so eager to start on this one!

The other book, Circular Knitting Workshop is a very thorough and decent compendium on circular knitting techniques. Rich with information and explanatory photographs. 

The book is divided into 2 main parts - introduction to circular knitting in a form of a workshop and the projects for you to practise.  It guides you from the simplest knitted forms to the gradually more advanced ones.

The explanations are really good, the photos are clear and well taken.

There are technical details and specifications for each of the projects - I really like this feature. The layout and the material is presented in a modern and attractive way.

Ever dreamt of being able to knit a shawl like this? I have!

There is also technique evaluation and comparison - another bonus.

Love the books and very pleased with the purchase. I just love possessing all sorts of craft bibles and compendia embracing the whole knowlege. All in one place. A big crafty pill :) It is my big dream to be able to crochet all sorts of projects as there are so many tempting ones out there. As for knitting, my target would be to be able to knit some Nordic socks, hats and mitten as well as shawls and wrist warmers (for a start). Long way ahead but hopefully with these great resources I'll be motivated to explore a bit deeper the yarn world.

On the cross stitch frontline - still stitching the poor pink teddy for a card. It just needs some backstitch and mounting it on a card. Almost there!

Have a good weekend! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a little note behind :)  x x x


  1. These look like great books! I must admit, crochet is such a mystery to me, but I love the look! These books look like wonderful things to cuddle up with, along with some yarn! :D

  2. Can't wait to see what you do with these. I would particularly love to hear about the first book (crochet). I have done a few projects where someone told me what to do, but written instructions are a complete mystery to me. Little bear is super sweet.

  3. Hi Martha,
    those books look great and very inspiring!
    The little embroidered teddy is so sweet!
    have a happy new week,
    Love to you

  4. I love new craft books and I must admit I'm an avid crocheter but circular knitting is a complete mystery to me - the shawl looks lovely... new books are such a treat.


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