Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Back to folklore

Oh yes! I'm back to the folklore again and I will be doing it so in the future. Got a heap of gorgeous folksy scrapbooking papers, punches and stamps to work through and to show off  :) So here is my another try at this rustic countryside theme :)
This is a largely stamped card with stamps from Noolibird (the cockerel), GoScrap (folky flowers, 3 hearts) and Hero Arts and Kars stamps (the stamped frame, sorry, don't remember the name of these stamp sets. I've had them for years and got rid of the original packaging.) Blue, white and green is the colour combination I wanted to see on this card. The cockerel has been heat-embossed in a moss green embossing powder.

Purple and mint  below :) Another long narrow tent card with a decorative cockerel band (I think this is my favourite patterned paper). These great folky papers come from  a Polish scrapbooking brand - GoScrap. I also did a trick with breaking the ribbon and filling the gap with some self-adhesive gems. 

Upper and bottom stamped band - Hero Art stamp set.
"Jest pięknie!" stamp from GoScrap.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a lovely day. x


  1. Hi MArtha,
    wonderful Folklore-Cards you made!
    Have a lovely afternoon, we have rain again and I am knitting more socks :O)))
    Big hugs

    1. Thank you Claudia! x x
      I know how you feel about this rainy weather. Ours is the same!

  2. Continue to love these folksy-themed cards. The purple one is particularly stunning to me.


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