Thursday, 23 May 2013

3 x ladybird card

Hi all.

Hope you everyone is doing well and you're keeping yourselves warm. The cold weather has returned (again!) and we have just had massive sleet over here in North Wales but...Nothing like sitting comfortably at home with a cuppa and blogging about it! :)

More card making news. This time it's the 3 cards with a ladybird theme I made them for a card challenge on one of the Polish scrapbooking blogs. I've never made a card with a ladybird so this challenge was particularly tempting for me. And anyway, they are such posititive and cheery tiny little insects that they surely deserved to be featured on a card.
I had a go at this challenge 3 times. Each time with a different effect.

This was the 1st card I'd made.

 I decided I didn't like it very much after all so I had another go:

A bit better this time :) Making a ladybird out of scraps of paper proved to be easier than I thought but finding a lady bird stamp in my vast stamping resources turned out to be more challenging. Finally, I managed to dig out this only one little mini-ladybird stamp that ended up on a card as an embellishing frame.

My 3rd go at the card:

I think the 3rd card came out the best. Most pleased with this one. All ladybirds have been die-cut, embossed or embossed with ink (Lori, thank you for the idea and inspiration!x).
All 3 cards together:

Just one more get-up to my half term break! It's going to be a very crafty one!


  1. Biedroneczki są w kropeczki .... i do tego takie śliczne :)) Pozdrawiam

  2. I love these! I'm always intrigued by "things" created with punch/die-cut shapes. This little lady bug is so sweet and enchanting. I agree with your progression. When I saw the first card, I thought, "Oh, I like that." Then, when I saw the second card, I thought, "Oh, I like that even better." The third card is perfection. I love the effect of the embossing on the wings. Beautiful.

  3. Hi Martha,
    wonderful Ladybug-Cards! I love those little bugs so much :O)
    I got a nice embroidery pattern a few days befor with Ladybugs.... will see, what I can do with this :O)
    Have a lovely day and a happy weekend, dear friend!
    Hugs to you
    P.S. Thank you for all your so kind comments again, and, if you ever need handknitted socks, let me know :O)))

  4. Oh wow've excelled yourself this time...these are stunning!! Love them!!! :-)


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