Sunday, 12 May 2013

Crafty Weekend. Mystery Angel thank-you Card.

This weekend was all about relaxing. The weather has gone bad again - it's wet and cold and we've stayed indoors. I've been making cards, cross stitching, reading books, sipping cider and watching The Big Bang Theory and Avatar on telly :) 

I've made 5 folksy cards which I'll show next time in a separate blog post. Additionally I've made a Mystery Angel thank-you card. There is this ongoing Mystery Angel fun play at our workplace, for all teaching staff - someone is nominated to be your Mystery Angel, you don't know who it is and you find yourself receiving all sorts of goodies from your anonymous Mystery Angel. This lasts all working week and at the end of the week the person reveals him/herself if you can't guess who it is. Everyone else is supposed to keep it secret as well. So I've had my Mystery Angel this week and this is a thank-you card for her :)
I keep it simple, just as I like to. The central piece is obviously a card topper with a stamped image of an angel. I really like this Inkadinkado angel design - not too Christmassy yet light and heavenly.

On the cross stitching front line, this is my current project. It's going to be a cross stitched card with a teddy for my colleague's new born baby girl. I started with stitching the pink shades first. It's quick and easy so hopefully I should finish it by Friday.

Reading is what I've been doing a lot recently. A new ordered book arrived last Friday from the Pl online bookstore. It's the most recent book by Corinne Hofmann, a Swiss lady who married an African Samburu warrior. If you don't know the story of the White Masai yet, I strongly recommend that you do so. It's a fascinating story of a white woman becoming a Masai wife and living among her African family. Corinne has written 4 sequential books about her life and this one is the 4th one :) Check Corinne's books on Goodreads website for some more information and English editions. 

At the moment I'm reading this interesting story of Denis Avey - a British soldier who out of his free will broke into Auschwitz to see for himself what atrocities were happening there and who saved a life of a Dutch Jew. 

Well, no more news at the moment. I guess, I'll back to the kitchen now - it's a pie day today and my bf can't wait! :)


  1. Wonderful angelcard, dear Marhta!
    Wish you a happy new week!
    hugs to you,

  2. Lucky recipient of Mystery Angel week!! I do love your cards lately. Secret pals at work really help lessen the tedium and make new friends. I bet you had a fun time trying to figure out who was your mystery angel!


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