Monday, 19 August 2013

Tropical Bookmark

Finally. The book mark with parrots has been finished :) I stitched it quickly but I took a little time to wash it, iron it and mount it (stitching is fun but I'm always a bit lazy about the technical finishes) :) Overall it came out nicely with all these cheerful breezy colours and trendy chevrons in energizing hues. I'm pleased. The bookmark was a freebie kit from one of the current issues of Cross Stitcher. 

Will test the bookmark tonight :)

By the way, to whoever commented on the book "Thousand Splendid Suns" here - I'm really enjoying it :) The heroine, the happenings, the culture, the events the book describes. The author seems to have his own special way of describing things - his language is simple and easy to take in yet picturesque and striking. The marriage of Mariam (the main heroine in the book) to a much older Kabul shoemaker - Rasheed is so heartbreaking and her six unsuccessful attempts to give him a son and to please her husband in many ways is very touching. I'm looking forward to finding out what else will happen in this book.

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  1. Have a hankie ready - although you'll have already discovered several hankie moments. I love the cheeky looking parrots and the bright chevrons behind them.

  2. what a cute bookmark! Really eye catching and fun, it would make me smile to open up a book and find it there :) x

  3. The parrots are both cheerful and sweet. I LOVE pretty bookmarks. For me, they add elegance to reading, and sometimes a happy memory because I like to pick up bookmarks when I travel. As you can imagine...I have a collection of them. What don't I have a collection of?

  4. A lovely bookmark, dear Marta!
    Happy day to you,

  5. Lovely cheerful row of parrots :)
    Not read that one yet, but loved The Kite Runner

  6. Great stitching & lovely finish! Bright & colourful :)

  7. Your book marker is so cute. I love the bright colours xx

  8. Thanks a lot for your lovely comment at my blog. ♥ It's so nice when people can spend a few minutes to leave a comment. I really appreciate it.

    It'a bit fun visiting you, seeing your bookmark. This evening I am embroidering a quote/saying. It is fun an relaxing.

    ♥ Irene

  9. What a perfect bookmark - thanks for the book recommendation too x

  10. you did a great job - I can see you can do French knots properly, the eyes on your birds are great!

  11. A lovely bit of parrot cross stitching. I like the choice of background for the mount. The colours go very well with the bright colours of the parrot.


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