Friday, 30 August 2013

Mollie Makes Crochet Book

I'm writing this post inspired by a post about craft books at Ladybird Diaries blog :) All crafting fans of Mollie Makes magazine will like this news: Mollie Makes CROCHET book is on sale now! :) Mine has been delivered today! :))) I'm so happy! 

I know Mollie Makes have already issued other books like Mollie Makes CHRISTMAS or Mollie Makes FEATHERED FRIENDS but this one is my first in my "Mollie books" collection and I have a feeling I'll be buying others too! Mollie Makes WOODLAND FRIENDS is expected later this year too. Just go to amazon and have a browse for all these yummy books.

A few sneaky peeks what's in the book. This book introduces its reader to a wonderfully colourful world of crochet projects - blankets, covers, coasters, various cute crocheted objects... it' all awaiting you :) There is also a very decent introduction into the crochet techniques and technical how-to's for beginners. Smashing! 

You can always count of crochet flowers from Mollie makes...

Love those babushkas! Aren't they gorgeous?

Coasters, doilies, pot holders...

Kindle / tablet covers...

Zig-zag blankets! Fabulous!

Granny squares - very trendy in the UK recently. I keep seeing them A LOT!

Stuff for the kitchen...

And of course the cover star: the crocheted blanket - (it definitely goes on my to-do list)

More chevrons - I love this design!

Crocheted edges - great idea for a nice finish :)

I've received other goodies through the post today too! But I shall be blogging about them some other time :)

It's Friday! Yay! Have a good weekend! :)

p.s. Can you see what's in the corner of the cross stitch magazine? :))))) <drooling>


  1. Hi Marta,
    thank you for telling about this wonderful Book! Lovely items inside!
    With wich will you beginn??? ;O)
    Happy crotching weekend to you,
    Claudia x

    1. Err... I dont know! I'm still practising my crochet flowers! :)

  2. Thanks for showing, this book looks very nice.

    1. You're welcome. I cannot imagine you not buying this book! You have to! :)

  3. that book looks fab! wanties!!!

  4. Oh thank you for the little peek of this book, it really looks fantastic. I really must order myself a copy...
    M x

    1. Sure! Go ahead, you wont be disappointed :) I assume this book will have lots of lovely lady readers in the UK and beyond

  5. I don't even crochet, and I want this book! Ooooo, look at all those new goodies. Can't wait to hear about them.

    1. Don't you feel tempted to give it a go? The crochet I mean! Just imagine how many books you could work through for your lovely project! Come one, I could join you up in the crochet challenge :)

  6. *Gasp* How DID I miss this book - it looks like my perfect companion! ... Big dilemma ... Do I rush out and make a rash purchase right now, or do I wait sensibly and add it to my XMas list??
    Em xx

    1. Hi and welcome to my blog :)
      As for the book, I dont think I myself could wait that long as far as Christmas ;)it really depends how desperate you are for fresh new crochet projects ;)
      my xmas wish list on amazon is way too long to be fulfilled in December!

  7. thanks for the peak...i love crochet but the problem always seems to be what to make first!

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