Friday, 16 August 2013

Shopping for goodies :)))))

When I check my blog statistics I very often see that my blog comes up in search results when some key words like Nordic, Scandinavian, Nordic cross stitch, julekuler, etc are typed in the search machines. So I'm writing this thinking of some of my blog visitors coming here looking for various Scandinavian stuff available online. I know they are out there and perhaps they would like to know what craft resources with the Nordic theme have been recently on the market. 

Thursday was an extra special day for us. We went out to visit some local shops which are our favourite shopping places. Coffee at Costa (It's always a nice treat. I just love it there!) WHSmith's for craft magazines, HomeSense for some American Crafts products (Goodness me! The bargains they've got there!) and finally one of my favourite craft shops - The Purple Butterfly in Daleside Garden Centre. Just imagine the bags I brought home. Definitely the best moment was an unexpected discovery at that shop - some newly launched Scandinavian craft products on the market from DoCrafts Papermania. The collection is called Christmas in the country and features cross stitched and knitted themes - something I can never get enough of. I was overjoyed! 
The Christmas in the country line includes among others:
cross stitch kits - I got myself two Scandinavian hearts to cross stitch, stuff and hang. Naturally, I can't wait to start on these.

Next, my new stamps with a trendy knitted jumper pattern (<3 I love them! Love'em! Love'em!) I'm particularly happy about the borders - they will be great for building backgrounds. I also love the big knitted heart stamp and stocking.

No Nordic product line will be complete without a reindeer!

Ribbons and bows to complete your craft work. Notice how everything is nicely colour and style coordinated :) This line of products actually combines a few motifs: knitted pattern, cross stitch, Nordic theme and tartans/ginghams. 

 Paper pad:

Add ons: Tags and stickers:


I got myself some extra bits like self-adhesive fabric papers from Papermania, a gorgeous product line from last year: Home for Christmas

These are really interesting. They have sorta fabric texture and I'm dying to try them on my cards :)

and my last thing: another two washi tapes in my collection plus some gorge ribbons <3

And the cherry on the Nordic cake for me has been this:

when one of my Polish friends has presented me with the pattern for this ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS cross stitch ornaments. I'm sooo in love with these little Nordic characters. The cross stitch is from Prairie Schooler and is called "Nordic Holiday". You can find it at 1-2-3 Stitch shop. (by the way, they have an amazing choice of samplers and quakers there). It's a MUST-DO project for me and I shall be ordering the threads tomorrow. 

Well what can I say? I'm so pleased that these days the craft manufacturers have a good sense of what's trendy and they are really meeting our, crafters', needs and I'm also excited and dire to sit down and craft, craft, craft...


  1. It looks like each of these products was designed just for you! I can't imagine how happy you must have been finding all of these treasures. Why, oh why, did you have to remind me about Prairie Schooler. I've stitched six of their samplers. I love their designs. If you go to this link (, you can see three of the six I've stitched. I still haven't framed them.

    1. "It looks like each of these products was designed just for you!" - Oh I love this statement Lori :) yes, i'm very happy about finding and having these goodies. I just discovered the Prairie Schooler samplers - I love the Santas they have got in their range and of course those Nordic cross stitch cuties :)

  2. Oh Martha- All of this Nordic Christmas is getting me so excited. Tomorrow, my husband and I are actually going to Norway for two weeks! So excited about all that we will see and I have been wondering what sort of nordic Christmas goodies will be available and easy to pack in my suitcase!

    1. Oh Winnie! I really envy you that trip to Norway. You will be able to see it all for real! Have a great time, take lots of photos and share with us your experiences when you're back! :)
      I bet you will bring some gorgeous souvenirs :)

  3. Hello Martha,
    I love these festive Nordic goodies!
    I just found these ones and had to think of you :)
    Have a nice weekend!


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