Sunday, 4 August 2013

Card making books reviews and Dala stamps.

Hi all. Hope you are all ok and enjoying your weekend. The British weather can be a real roller coaster. Yesterday it was like this:

Gorgeous sunshine and a pleasant breeze. Today is rain and gloom. I was so happy yesterday to pull a chair out into sunshine and enjoy reading a book. Today it's reading on the sofa. Luckily there's always something nice for me to do at home - have a crafty session of card-making or knitting or stitching. I'm one of these people who always have crafty fiddly fingers. 
But today I wish to write about something else. About the card making books. Do you buy them? Do you like them? Because I do. And it's a "DO" with capital "D". The card making books that arrived yesterday had been on my wish list for a while. I happen to know them from my workplace (we've got book people coming to us and selling all sorts of books) and from a local library. These are really good card making books, bursting with ideas, techniques, full of pretty photographs and worth recommending. I bought both off Now, guess the price of them.... Watch out!... 1 p! Yes, they are used books (but in a very good condition). Add the amazon charge for the postage and you can make it under £3.00! This is one of the greatest things about Amazon - lots of crafty books for less than a pound. 
Cheryl Owen - The practical handbook of card making. This lady has got lots of ideas in her head! And thank God for that, otherwise this book wouldn't be here! A few exemplary photos for you to have a peek at :)

Hey! What have we got here?! I spy with my little eye something beginning with "s" - yes, a Scandinavian valentine's card with a Danish heart! Right in the centre of the book cover. I'm definitely going to make this one! Below, a simple but cute reindeer card which with a bit of imagination can be easily made into more Scandinavian-looking :) 

And how about a Russian doll? I just love these! Another on my to-make list.

Fancy some floral embroidery on card? Why not!

I've always liked when cards have beaded embellishments. Perhaps it's time to have a go at this one!

And what about those cute chicks in the grass? A lovely attempt at playing with textures and layers.

I'm thinking of celebrating autumn this year. I love its colours. Cards like these could decorate my mantlepiece.

Channukah card anyone? Love this beaded candleholder!

Peace Doves for Christmas... Don't they just look great on that topiary tree?

 I surely can't miss this little fella...

Classic cards with elegant look...

A Swedish bird motif - another one on my list!

 Creating your own stationery...

Moving over to the 2nd book. This is another great book presenting simple easy cards with a great look and elegance. Emma Hardy - Fast, Fun Cards.

Just for a start, I love that retro-looking card with circles. Will definitely have a go at this one! It's all about the colour, shape and arrangement. And what about those gorgeous leafy cards?! My style and another idea for autumn.

Retro again... cheery tissue paper cutouts...

Patchwork anyone? Perfect way to use those scraps of fabric you don't want to get rid of. I would add some hand stitches or cross stitch on those hearts for a more country look.

Uaaah! I'm definitely going for these festive cards with raffia. Again, they can be made into more Nordic-looking ones (I already feel ideas are budding in my head!)

Simple valentines? Why not? It's all about the colour again! Need no more than a simple punch and some coloured card and glue. No need to run to a shop to buy an expensive card either!

And autumn card again! So simple but so effective. Just the beauty of stamping itself to admire and look at.

The great thing about these books is that apart from a great host of ideas they also introduce a reader to such clever card making solutions like stamping on balsa wood, painting with bleach, using metal polish on textured wallpaper cut outs etc. I'm a sucker for such original techniques. 

Now, on the stamping front. Lots of happening here. A few days ago, scouring the internet for some Scandi inspirations I came across this quirky and lovely set of rubber stamps by Yellow Owl Workshop. It came from Etsy and it was the last one in stock! (Phew! Relief!) There was no other way - I just had to have it in my stamp collection! The stamps arrived yesterday, with the books. Bliss! 

A Scandimaniac like me just cannot miss such opportunity. I am soooo looking forward to stamping with those stamps and it's gonna happen this week. Apart from the stamps there was a cute message for a buyer in the box too. 
More happiness to come! Last week, Nula from simply made my day by sending me those two gorgeous dala stamps as freebies together with my order! More treasures in my treasure trough. I am so happy to have them. 

Actually, I'v already started working on some new cards with Dalas, as you can see in the photo the stamps have been inked. The cards will be published very soon. Keep in touch and stay Scandi-tuned :)

Hope you've made it through all these photos today :) Thank you for your visits and kind comments you leave behind. I appreciate your presence here, especially you, my regular commentators. x X x


  1. nice ideas, my favourite is the Swedish bird motif! xxx

  2. Martha, I adore your julekugler! They are so lovely and sweet. I have to come back another day and spend more time here; right now I have to go away for a few days...but see you soon!

    1. Thank you for your visit x
      I make more Scandi stuff than knitted balls so keep in touch ;)

  3. I LOVE any type of craft book. Even if I'm not excited by the specific projects, I often get fun color combos or composition ideas from them. I find that used books or even books on sale are less expensive than current magazines. The Yellow Owl Workshop packaging is top rate. I'm a sucker for beautiful presentation and packaging.

    1. Oh yes! Craft books - Tell me about it! I've got many more, I just never reviewed them (perhaps it's another idea to include on my blog)
      I just love the card making style that you can find in those "older" card making books as opposed to current trend to make scrapbooking cards overloaded with embellishments and die cutouts.
      I appreciate a good photos representation too.

  4. I thought I'd already posted, but maybe not. Thanks for sharing those books - I've now ordered them on Amazon too - the cards look like my kind of style so it'll be very helpful.

  5. I thought I'd already posted a comment but can't find it - technology's great until it doesn't work right! Thanks for showing and reviewing those books, they looked just like my sort of card making so I've ordered both too from Amazon :D

    1. I'm glad I could inspire you Victoria. Hope you will enjoy the books and obviously I'm looking forward to your creations from them. We could compare our cards and share experiences.

  6. crafting books are great for inspiration aren't they, thanks for reminding me they don't need to be expensive!

    there are some fab ideas here, i especially love the Autumn themes ones - as you say, the colours are so gorgeous, i'm thinking of celebrating it too :) x


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