Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Cross Stitched Vintage Rose

Hi all. Today's post is all about roses :) 
This is my recent make - a cross stitched vintage rose designed by a Dutch designer Eline Pellinkhof. Again, it was a freebie kit for Mollie makes magazine. Eline has got a very romantic feminine style of expressing herself and this shows in her books and projects. A bit similar to Tonne Finanger and her Tilda world. Check out Eline's blog for more info and inspiration.

I have recently taken to those lovely vintage rose designs one can see in magazines and I was very happy stitching it. They have sort of folky feel you often can see in Polish folk paintings and fabric patterns and embroidery. 

And now, what my source of inspiration was... Just have a look at those gorgeous florals in the photos (source: internet)

Coming back to Eline again, I envy her this fabulous cross stitch wall painting:

How do you like it? :)))
I loved this cross stitch from the beginning. For a change I stitched it with 3 strands of cotton for a denser and fuller cross effect. I think the ribbon + lace feature is a nice thing too.

Eline's project involves winding strips of fabric around the embroidery hoop. To make it simpler and faster, I painted mine with acrylics mixing red, raspberry and white :) I still have plenty of cotton left, I may stitch it again as a motif for a card sometime. 

Very pleased and enjoy looking at it. It will be a decoration in my bedroom.

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Would love to share this cross stitched rose with a lovely bunch of crafty people at Hand-made Monday. Do join in this interesting highly social blog hop :)


  1. Beautiful new piece. I am crazy for Eline's cross stitch rose wall painting.

  2. Good morning MArta,
    this little cross stich Rose is wonderful!
    Thank you for showing us those pictures with Cross Stich Wall Painting... what a lovely idea! looks beautiful! Will visit her later :O)
    I think this beautiful Rose is wonderful to do Cards with as well!
    Happy day to you and thank you for your kind comments! Hope the Bag will arrive quickly ;O)
    Hugs to you

  3. Love the rose cross stitch, and the use of the ribbons and lace. Gorgeous finish.

  4. It's really pretty. Using the three strands works well as it makes the stitches stand out. The ribbon and lace finishes it off beautifully xx

  5. Hi Martha,
    I love your latest creation! It has a nice folky feel and roses are one of my favourite flowers.
    Look forward to more flowery cross stitches :)

  6. I love Eline's creations, her blog is bursting with beautiful items! It's the second finish I've seen this week from Eline's kit. Your version is really pretty, congratulations :)

  7. very pretty,it has a nice clean fresh look to it.Love your glass painting too

  8. This is really pretty, I like it a lot. I may have to purchase this issue of Mollie Makes. I have enjoyed having a look through your lovely blog, love all your cross stitch and pretty cards.
    M x

  9. this looks great - I have this kit too, will definitely be making it up!

  10. I agree with you, the ribbon and lace is a lovely addition. The ribbon to hang it from is also a lovely detail. I am sure that it will give you a lot of pleasure. xx

  11. Roses are beautiful and this cross stitch is too, a lovely hanging. That large cross stitch wall painting is amazing!

  12. This is lovely! I like ribbon and hoop. I am sure it is going to look great in your bedroom.

  13. I really like this cross stitch, it has turned into a beautiful decoration. Elaine's cross-stitch wall art is absolutely amazing! I love it! x

  14. Very pretty!
    The cross stitch wall art is great too :)

  15. I have a thing about roses, and it looks fabulous, I love the way its displayed in an embroidery hoop.

  16. How gorgeous! I was just wondering if I could ask you a question? I have recently started cross stitching and was wanting to give some to people in the embroidery hoops like yours is displayed here. I'm just not sure how to finish them at the back so that they look neat? I don't want it to look scruffy at the back but I'm not sure how to achieve this. Any help would be super appreciated, thank you xxx

    1. Hi. If you want a neat finish for your embroidery on the hoop, you could leave the edges of the canvas a bit longer, mount the stitch onto the frame and then fit a thick sturdy cardboard circle at the back of the hoop that will hide all the edges. The circle will have to be tightly fitting the shape of your embroidery hoop. you just have to press it down and it should hold the fabric well. Make sure all is taut and even. I trimmed mine only as it went on the wall. Just made sure all is neat and not fraying. Hope this helps.


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