Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Greeting Cards with "Ikea" flowers

While I've been working on my Dala horse greeting cards, I've decided to show you these cards. The are all about one of my floral stamps (purchased at noolibird.com) I think it's got that modern Scandi feel. I like to call it "Ikea style" as you often see such design in the Ikea store. I really enjoyed stamping and making card with this design.

On this card I used a Noolibird stamp for the flower head and for the stem and leaves I used one of the old stamps from HeroArts (the owl set) I had to do double heat embossing on each stem for the better visual effect. 

And of course I wanted to achieve some 3D effect on the flower heads so I restamped the flowers again, cut the centres out and raised them on a 3D foam pads. 

Floral symmetry - 4 flower heads, each in different colour with a punched vellum heart and a gem inside.

And stamp printing - I like how inks blend and these images overlap with each other :) I'm thinking of making a similar card but using yellows, orange and reds.

And all 3 greeting cards together :)

Very pleased with these cards. Thank you for your visits and comments. All sort of feedback is welcome. x 


  1. They are just lovely Martha, so bright and cheery :)

  2. What delightful summery cards. I love the ones with 3D foam pieces. They look like little bits of candy rock xx

  3. I always love floral designs. These are winners. I particularly like the heat-embossed leaves and stems. That adds a wonderful touch.


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