Wednesday, 14 August 2013

(Early) Christmas Cards 2013 (3) : Nordic Kids (1)

My Christmas card making is at full throttle right now. Despite the early months I still keep making my Christmas cards, bit by bit, pair by pair until a decent card collection arises. I always send and hand in lots of cards around Christmas time and I like mine to be hand-made. Therefore I always start early to make sure I will have enough otherwise I will be stressing over it. With some other xmas projects like cross stitch and knitting on the go alongside the cards, things need to be done in time. So here are my next 2 new Nordic cards but this time with kids featured on them :) 

I thought combining kiddies dressed in cozy winter clothes with the Nordic theme would be a good idea. I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. They have been stamped and coloured with pro-markers. (a note to self: will have to buy some more promarkers with Christmassy colours!)

To stamp the kids I used Hero Arts Holiday Dolls stamps set and for the backing papers I used Warm Winter Wishes I blogged about earlier on. A few bits and bobs like punched shapes and doilies have been added too.

More Nordic kids on their way :) Currently working on one of these cards. 
And what about you, my dear reader? Do you start your Christmas crafting early? Do you make extra preparations? Share your thoughts with me :)


  1. these are so cute, I love the Nordic red and white! you're going to be ahead of the game come christmas time!

  2. Oh Martha, those cards are so nice, with the Nordic Kids :O)
    You are so good, I should start making Christmas Cards too ....lats year I started too late ;O)
    But .... I tell you, I alreday have made some Christmas presents ;O))))
    Happy afternoon and a relaxed evening,
    hugs to you

    1. P.S. Did you get my Email this morning because of the Apple-Tote???
      Claudia :O)))

  3. Martha, they looks very nice! I'm nowhere near starting Christmas items yet... but I've been bad in the last years, not making any preparations....

  4. Super cute and cheerful. I am a horrible procrastinator, so I usually only get some of my Christmas cards completed. Every year I say, "Next year will be different." I'd better get started if this year is going to be the year.

  5. Your cards are adorable!

    I cross stitch my niece a Christmas ornament every year. I usually start thinking about it around now, dither over what design to stitch, procrastinate a while and then there's a last minute rush to get it finished before Santa arrives. It's the same every year - although now I have a daughter she'll need Christmas ornaments too, so I'll have to be more decisive and organised.


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