Thursday, 1 August 2013

Knitty, Stitchy, Sunny...

Yesterday we had one of those miserable rainy weather days all day. I was afraid our amazing hot summer weather was gone for good but hey no! Today, it's back to sunshine again! Yay! So much more uplifting.

*  *  *

With so many hobbies to maintain I sometimes have a dilemma what to choose. Shall I knit or perhaps shall I stitch or crochet something today? Or maybe should I get my glass paints pots out... or make cards? Decisions, decisions.- we all know it. If I do something like for example I knit, I regret I don't make cards. If I make cards, then I regret I don't practise my crochet skills and so on. Do you know that feeling? So I decided to satisfy my crafting craves and my plans for today are: cards, cards, cards for the 1st half of the day, then yarns and threads and needles combined with late evening telly watching :)

A good cup of tea, jam toasts and yarns/threads will definitely keep me happy today. (Did you know? I have a thing about jam and butter toasts - they have to be cut into triangles :) Dunno why, I just love them that way. My bf introduced me to this idea. It's tasty and kinda... cute. It's a bit of a British thing, I reckon). In the meantime, knitting the Nordic balls is back on track again ( a commission for a colleague) and I'm still cross stitching the tropical bookmark with parrots. 

*  *  *

Sometimes I like to blog about the crafty stash I have particular liking / attachment to. I'm definitely VERY MUCH attached to stamps, as you can see :) If there are any stampaholics among my readers out there, watch out! I thought I'd share it with you. HeroArts and Basic Grey teamed up to create these wonderful sets of retro stamps. The left-hand set arrived at my door step well over a week ago and the right-hand set came through with the post yesterday. I'm in love with these trendy retro designs! 

When I discovered them I thought of my younger brother straight away. He is kinda "retro" :) He wears glasses (sometimes a moustache too!!!), loves riding a bike and obviously loves music to bits. These stamps will be perfect for his birthday card in December. 

Notice the moustache stamp - so trendy these days and chevrons and arrows. Love 'em all! Great job HeroArts and Basic Grey!


  1. Oh Martha,
    you are so busy!
    I can't do anything is so hot! Can't breath outside.... but I have to go out and water my plants!
    Happy eveing and enjoy whatever you are doing!
    hugs to you,

  2. I'm a bit like this...I usually have so many projects on the go I don't know where to start! x

  3. Yes it was sooo hot & sunny!! Didn't want to do anything but managed a trip to the local stash shop for bits & pieces & eventually stitched a bit :)
    Love the Nordic balls you're currently working on.

  4. You are amazing! Yes, I do know the feeling of wanting to do everything. You seem to balance it better than anyone I know. I tend to end up with a bunch of unfinished projects. That's why I picked the word "Focus" as my word for the year. Unfocused is my natural state. So glad you are enjoying your vacation time.


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