Sunday, 19 June 2011

Summer Fair

Yesterday I took part in a fair in Wrexham. For the last week I had been preparing myself for it and it was the only thing that really occupied my mind. Was getting really excited to go! I devoted all my after-work afternoons to finishing up the projects and prepared a list of painted glass and beanbag chicks that I wanted to sell. Sadly, yesterday's fair turned out to be a big disappointment to me due to some unlucky circumstances. First of all, we (me and other "crafters") were put in the furthest corner of the event area (yes! yes! the location of your stall DOES MATTER, it's one of those things you learn and experience in your life as a craft seller) and as a result not many people were bothered to come up and see our stalls. We were simply very much out of the way, put behind the school instead of the front of it. The only good thing about our location was that we were right under the school canopy in case it rained. Only people going to the school toilets at the back of the building were passing us by! Instead the carboot sale took place at the most strategic place. Secondly, people didn't show much interest in buying hand made stuff as these were mostly mothers with buggies and little kids. Also, I had an impression that people weren't prepared to spend more than a couple of quids on a bacon butty, cup of coffee and some car boot junk. In fact there were only 4 crafty stalls - me with my painted glass, a pyrography crafter with his wooden products, a lady with her jewellery (which was ready made anyway) and a lady selling gadgets for the Air Ambulance Charity. Standing a few hours in the windy weather made me almost freeze so my bf was helping with some hot freshly brewed tea. And the last straw that made me leave the site quicker than I planned was a bunch of school boys who decided to play football right in front of my table with the displayed glass!!! Their ball kept rolling right under my table! (Surprise! surprise! For some reason I'm very "lucky" with finding myself and my table with painted glass in the proximity of men playing football, which was the case last time I was selling my crafts). Fed up, cold and disappointed we left the site and me were off to Pizza Hut for some food, warmth and consolation :)
It was the 3rd fair I took part in but profitwise the worst one. But, hey, that's life! Chin up and I'm moving on now :) especially with another fair in W. on the horizon. In 2 weeks time! Just trying to arrange it at the moment :)
Good or bad, I'll show you my craft stall :) This is what it looked like:

And this is what I'm currently working at - a wedding sampler card with folky birds for my cousin in Holland:

the sampler card is going to look like this:

I just decided to swap the blue canvas for the light pink one!

And now! Time for Handmade Monday. Tonight I'm linking up the 1st Unique Gifts blog for this crafty link-up. See what other crafters have been up to!


  1. I think your stall looks really attractive, location must play a massive part when it comes to fairs if you weren't getting many people. I absolutely adore those chicks too.
    Hope you have better luck at the next one. x

  2. Oh Martha, I am so disappointed for you as your chucks looked so happy and cheery. I have made the decision not to do any fairs until late September because people are just not spending. Don't give up, your crafts are too good not to go on :)

  3. I've also been in a dreadful location at a fair. It makes a big difference. It's a shame about this one - I hope your next one is MUCH better! Your stall looks bright, colourful and eye-catching. The sampler looks like it'll be lovely. x

  4. It's a great stall and I know it would've caught my eye and you'd never have got rid of me!Lovely painted glass!

  5. Very sorry you didn't have a great time, I can just imagine the fear watching boys with a football around your glass! Thanks for letting me know about that green :) Anna x

  6. How disappointing. I never do anything that's a mixed event - either all handmade or nothing! School events have always been disappointing. Keep going though and good luck with the next one.

  7. Martha - I feel so bad for you. Seems like people just are not buying much this year anywhere. We had a big craft fair back in April and went in the hole big time but I am determined to keep on trying!!! Hope and pray that you will do better at the next fair. You should make some of my owls and see how they would do in your part of the world!!!!

  8. I'm sorry to hear you didn't have a great time. Your stall looked gorgeous with your glass and chicks. I'm glad to hear the football didn't cause any damage.

  9. What a shame you had such a disasterous day and your stall looks so lovely too.
    love your crosstitch too

  10. Sorry you did not do well, location, locaition, location is so right but your stall looks wonderful.

  11. Your glass ware looked lovely on your stall, shame things didn't go too well for you.

    Jan x

    Check out my latest blog post, there is a little surprise for you x

  12. Sorry the stall didn't go so well. It looks lovely though. Your sampler looks very intricate, lovely!

  13. Saturday was a pretty wild day - wasn't it! I would like to buy one of your cheeky chickens, do you have a shop (etsy, folksy, ebay?) or can you let me have details of how to purchase one?
    Jo x

  14. Dorset Girl - thank you :)location and the type of customers are the most vital in your successful selling, I think. people need to be interested in crafts to buy anything like handmade...

    Ros made me - thank you! you might be right - people will be buying for christmas in autumn. but, on the other hand it's a bit shame to let the summer fairs just go...

    Wendy, thanks :)glad you know what I felt on that day. we all experience it sooner or later. learning all our lives, arent we?

    Fatmonica, thank you! I wish all my customers were like you then! :D

    Puppy Fly Boutique, thanks, it seems like I'm very lucky with people playing football around my stall with glass, LOL

    Adaliza, you are right! mixed event are harsher to sell crafts although my two previous events were fun days, no real craft fairs. I do wish to take part in a real one!

    Robin, thanks, now I know I'm not the only one! :) Indeed, I should try making owls like you do! They are so cute! Do you mind sharing the patterns? :)

    Maria, thank you :) yes, I was lucky with the footballers again! :)

    Dreamstar, thank you! :)

    Carolee Crafts, also thanks :)

    Picto, thank you! I'm gonna check your website in a minute!!! :)

    Charters, thank you! also thanks for dropping by! :)

    Pickle Lily, thanks, I dont have any online shop at the moment but I could sell it to you thru paypal account if you wish :)

  15. Great Martha! Your stuff is fantastic! Next time will be better!

  16. Thanks Kasia. I hope so! :)


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