Sunday, 5 June 2011

Card for Mother's Day

This is the card I've made for my mum for Mother's Day in Pl. The design has been stitched on evenweave and comes from the Cross Stitch Card Shop (issue 76, January/February). The extra elements in this project are the French knots, seed beads and a gold DMC metallic thread :) The words have been stitched in 2 strands, one cross over one fabric strand which, I think, gives it a very precise and lovely finish. The thread colours have been of my own choice.
My mum loves roses and is a very keen rose keeper so this design has been carefully selected by myself :) I hope she likes this one :)

Oh, and it's Handmade Monday time :) and thanks to Wendy's Blog - CLICK - you can join in this linking fun to submit and show off your weekend crafts. Do follow up this lovely blog action :) Well worth it!


  1. Such a beautiful card! You can just see the amount of work that has gone into it! I am sure your much will love it!


  2. Sorry I meant to say your mum not your much :(

  3. very intricate design looks gorgeous xxxx

  4. Beautiful I know the amount of time it takes to cross stitch a design and your Mum will love it.

  5. I'm sure your mum will treasure this! Thank you for taking part in Handmade Monday x

  6. I've never tried cross stitch but this makes me want to. I love the detail shots you have chosen to show off the card. I bet your mum has a few tears in her eyes when she opens it

  7. A lovely set of photos to go with a lovely posting.

  8. I haven't done cross stitching in years but I remember I used to sit for hours in front of the tv, happy as Larry (whoever he may be). This is a lovely piece of work and I am sure it was well received.

  9. Wow, such excellent work! I keep seeing lovely things like this that make me want to start doing new things (well old, I have done cross stitch but never this nicely!). I love the colors and the pattern is so nice. I know your Mom is so lucky to get such a wonderful treasure from you! :)

  10. What lovely work :) have to add cross stitch to my list of things to try!


  11. This is so careful and neat, very jealous of your skill but mostly of your patience! Anna x

  12. At Joanna, thank you, indeed, this card took me a little longer to stitch than the other cards :)

    At Kazies Magical Designs, thanks, also for dropping by

    At Carolee Crafts, also thanks, I'm glad lots of people realise how time-consuming the cross stitching is! :)

    At Wendy, thanks :) also thank you for letting us have this opportunity to participate in Handmade Monday :)

    At Caroline Lovis, thanks, yes, the detail shots - so important when you photograph a cross stitch design :)
    i do encourage you to try cross stitching. it's a lovely and very decorative hobby. with so many cross stitch magazines on the market, you will surely fall in love with the designs and stitching :)

    At Polly Polkadots, thanks :)

    At Kat Shenton, thank you, I know what you mean by stitching while watching telly! I just can't simply can't sit and watch without stitching something. It's so relaxing!

    At Susie, thank you :)how about refreshing your stitching skills? :) So many lovely designs around to stitch! :)

    At PuppyFly Boutique, thanks :) lovely to see you again here! indeed, you do need a lot of patience for the cross stitch. I was getting a little wound up with the French knots while doing this card, but I finally got them done, more or less properly :)

  13. What a gorgeous card I'm sure your Mum will love it.
    The detailed photo's makes me what to have a go at cross stitch too. That's another craft to add to my new crafts list.


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