Saturday, 18 June 2011

Father's Day Cards

I had quite a lot of time during my half term break so I made these: Father's Day cards :) One for my dad and two for my bf's dad and grandad. Again, I used my beloved circular badge stamps from Lilli of the Valley and some brown craft paper, which I have been so much into recently :) The cards are in natural subdued colours, typically male shades.

For my dad I made a mosaic card and embellished the tiles with a 3D relief paste. I chose rich dark brown card as the base and a vintage stamp as the focus of attention.

For my bf's dad and grandad I chose a stripey background to give it a bit vintage and a bit of a folky look. Vintage images were stamped with the Walnut Stain TH ink.

I made an extra  Father's Day card but this time in a shabby chic style, fully scrapbooked and messy on purpose :) a rugged composition of corrugated brown craft paper, macrame string, tea stained gauze, ceramic and plastic buttons, cotton tape, staples and brown wrapping paper stamped with a texture background stamp. A card for a dad who likes unconventional way of receiving wishes ;P

Welcome my new followers! Lovely to see you here! Thanks everybody for dropping by and leaving a word or two behind :) It's pleasure to come back to my blog and find so many lovely comments left under the posts. Thanks!  

Today I'm joining with my crafts this Show and Tell linking party! Join me up guys! :)


  1. I really like them all! But the best for me... yes - the last one! I love your card! Can I ask you about glue? What kind of glue do you use for your cards?

  2. Thanks :) Kasia, I use a Polish glue named "Magic" for stitcking on all rough and textured objects and it holds up brilliantly! :) for craft paper I use a roller glue (glue in tape) as well as double sided Bostik tape :)

  3. These are really beautiful! Love the rich colors you used to. Hope they love them! I've got my daughter coloring up her father's day card right now as we speak :)

  4. Thanks Martha! I would like to try making cards... I think... I think....Have a nice Sunday!

  5. Heather, thanks for dropping by :)Im giving my cards to "our dads" in a moment! :)

    Kathryn, I forgot to mention that I use a spray glue too! The UHU brand, I mean :)
    Would love to see some of your cards soon! :D


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