Sunday, 26 June 2011

Houses of Love tealight candleholders

Time for Handmade Monday linking fun! Pop over to Wendy's blog to see some lovely stuff from other crafters.
What have I created for the past few days?
This week has been pretty busy for me and I've got a lot to share :)
Well. first of all, my Houses of Love candlelight holders have finally been finished! Yipeeee! :) It took a while to paint them as glass with curved surfaces takes the longest to be painted all around. I had to do it in stages. Piped some outliner, stopped and waited till it all had dried up, then piped some more, waited again, then piped some again till all glass had been filled. Then filling up with colours - same thing done in stages. Glass painters will know what I mean ;)
Houses of Love are my favourite motif and I've painted them on clipframes and on a glassy cube before but this time it's a set of round tealight candleholders that features them! I used vitrail glass paints, silver relief outliner and martini glasses for this project. 
Deep inky blue night and some colourful vibrant houses pulsating with love! :)

Some painting details...

Secondly, there's been some progress with my wedding sampler with folky birds... this is what it looks like at the moment:

Thirdly, I have finally got myself round to making my first own home made elderflower cordial! I found "my" tree in my area. Hacked it down the other day :) plonked the whole stuff down in sugar and boiling water and here it is! Elderflower syrrup with a citrus twist. It hasn't been bottled yet, just "doing its time" in containers at the moment. Needs to stand like this for 5 consecutive days. Actually I've made 2 lots: one is elderflower + lemons, and the other is elderflower + lemon + orange. Elderflower has a wonderfully refreshing taste and is great in fizzy drinks :) Simply can't do summer without some sparkling elderflower pop! Try for yourselves!

Yesterday we had a great day out - we went to Kelsall Steam and Vintage Rally to see the whole lot of many stylish vintage cars and steam engines. Vintage buses, landrovers and campervans was what we liked best. I ended up bringing home another cup for my expanding mug collection :) Campervans! The iconic cars of the summer season in Britain! (I thought Wendy of 1st Unique Gifts Blog might like them! ;P )


  1. Świetne te lampioniki :)!

  2. Your glass painting is gorgeous - I love the little houses. I know what you mean by the stages - I used to do glass painting (years ago!!). Oh, and yes, I do love the campervan mugs. You're right, they are so iconic and evocative of a British summer.

  3. I love the colours in the tea lights. The elderflower 'champagne' sounds so refreshing, I may have to try it.

    Jan x

  4. lampiony w domki świetne, super kolorystycznie Ci to wyszło:))
    no i kubki bomba, a ten tym samochodu zawsze z serialem "lost" będzie mi się kojarzyć:)

  5. I am loving these campervan mugs! My husband would love one!

  6. The glass painting is beautiful, love the colours and know the time it takes to prepare

  7. I love the colours in the tea lights! Very effective :)

  8. Wow - how busy have you been!! Those tealight holders are amazing - I can't believe how evenly you have got both the outliner and the paint. The colouring and shading in your sampler is beautiful.

    Oh, and I love the campervans too!

    Ali x

  9. Love those glasses such vibrant gorgeous colours and patterns. The elderflower mix sounds fab too!

  10. Yes you have been very productive this week. I love the photo mosaic you have made of the detail shots for your tealights, so vibrant and gives a really good impression of what they're like

  11. Beautiful!
    i have linked to you in my blog, as I had a go at making one of your funky chickens for a birthday pressie, I knew I wouldn't be able to get one from you in time - but yours are much, much better!
    Jo x

  12. wow what a busy time you have had and such lovely painting collecting mugs is a great idea very useful souvenirs I collect thinbles when I have a day out its great to have a reminder of a great day out xx

  13. Magiczne lampioniki ...... no bo jak świeca zapłonie to będzie magia, czar .....
    A tekst z angielskiego na polski to czary-mary ... no bo ja z tego języka ani me ani be ... to tłumacz internetowy mi tu czaruje i dziwy wyczynia - ale się fajnie czyta co tu napisane!:)

  14. oh the elderflower looks delicious! I keep meaning to do this and now you have really inspired me so thank-you!!

  15. All looks absolutely brill - you've been really busy. I'm posting my Blog Award tomorrow - Thank You! Carry on Crafting!

  16. The tea lights are just stunning-the colours are so rich.Elderflower champagne?don't mind if i do!

  17. Gosh you have been busy!! I love elderflower cordial and haven't had for ages.

  18. I love you glass painting. it looks great, I haven't done any for years and it never looked that good anyway.
    I just love elderflower cordial. I made some the other week. the recipe I use is posted on my blog. My husband and I have caught the brewing bug and are in the process of making. cider, ginger beer (alcoholic version), Damson wine, elderflower wine and elderflower cordial - which is rather explosive.

  19. You have inspired me to do some more glass painting, love the tea light holders

  20. Oh, you've been so busy! LOVE the glass painting! LOVE the needle work and the elderflower cordial, I don't even know what that is, but it sounds tantalizing! :) WOW! Awesome work.

  21. Love the tea lights. Can appreciate the amount of work and time put into making them. I have done glass painting on wine glasses so know how fiddly it is. Hugs Mrs A.

  22. Wow, you've been busy! what lovely creations! and love the color and detail of the sampler :)

  23. oooh so many pretty colours - I would love to raid your paint box! Anna x

  24. Me again! My turn to return the suprise. Would like to give you the One Lovely Blog award - which you can grab from my page. Anna xx

  25. Ewka, dzięki :)

    Wendy, thanks a lot :)

    Picto, thanks :) i like the name: elderflower champagne :D sounds posh!

    Domcia, dziękuję :)

    Sam Findlay, thanks, also for dropping by :)

    Carolee Crafts, thanks :)

    Helen, also thank you :)

    Ali Crafts Studio, thanks, i tried hard with piping that outliner straight and smooth as much as i could. curved surfaces not always easy tho :)

    Aviya Glass, thanks a lot and welcome here! :)

    Caroline Lovis, thank you for your kind words, the mosaic collage is my fave too! in the end its all about the details and colours, isnt it?

    Pickle Lily, thank you, also for linking back to where the chicken inspiration comes from. great to be inspiring to someone else :) well-done on your first chick!

    Kazies Magical Designs, thanks for popping in :) thimbles are cute! bet you've got a fab collection!

    Danka, witam w moich "zagramanicznych" progach :D, no i jak podobało Ci się tłumaczenie na polski z google? :) tak, lampioniki ze świeczką w środku to taka mała magia, idealna na letnie noce :)

    madewithloveuk, thanks :) glad I could inspire you to make this lovely potion :) have a go and enjoy!

    Adaliza, thanks :)

    Fatmonica, thanks :)

    Kryshees, thanks :)

    Claire Cooper, thank you very much. glad you liked the glass. wanna revive your glass painting skills maybe? :) great to hear you have been making so many awsome drinks! wow!

    Ros made me - thanks :) i'd love to some of yours!

    Susie, thanks a lot. welcome to my site :)

    Mrs A. thank you! im glad so many people realize what glass painting really is! at some stage almost everyone seems to have tried it!

    Heather, thanks for dropping by :)

    Puppy Fly Boutique, thank you also for the blog award. i can assure you my paint box is guarded very closely ha ha! :P

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