Thursday, 2 August 2012

Vase with orange textured Marimekko flowers

Another of my recent paintings - a vase with a Marimekko flower pattern. This is the 3rd vase I've painted with this type of broad splat flowers. They are one of my favourite motifs for glass - they are big, easy to paint and give vase lots of coloured area but at the same time they leave some empty space in between. As a result it looks as if the flowers clung to the glass :) 

For this vase I decided to experiment a bit with the texture. Normally I pool the paint evenly within the outlines and let it dry in peace. The glass paint starts to form some sort of a "skin" until it finally sets and touch-dries. This time I used a thickening, near-jellied glass paint and put some layers of it one over the other. Then, as the paint was drying up, I kept on touching  and disturbing the painted surface by dabbing it with my paintbrush and leaving the brushstrokes visible. This gave the flowers a thicker, more "disturbed" textured surface that reminds of a translucent gel rather than a runny paint.

Rough, textured surface, deliberate streaks of paints and layered paint give the vase more "rugged" "folky" and "hand-made" look :) 
So...What do you think? 


  1. I love the warmth of this :) you're right, the texturing looks great, almost as if heat has been used in the process. I love the generous flowers too! x

  2. Your vase it beautiful. It would look lovely sitting on my dining room table in the sun. Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment, you made me laugh saying you couldn't make life sized clothes. Well I couldn't make such a beautiful vase. The different shades because of your paint technique are really eye catching. Also agree re blog comment on Handmade Harbour. Have a lovely weekend.
    Ali x

  3. I love the vases. The big bold pattern is beautiful and the colour is so cheerful. Would definitely look great with the sun shining through it. I like the texturing as it gives it added interest with patterns emerging. Thanks for sharing and for the comments on my blog :)

    1. Thank you. Yes, painted glass always looks best in the sunshine as the sunrays show off its real intense colours :)


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