Monday, 27 August 2012

Crafty Storage Jars

Hi all. Hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was very crafty, busy, full of craft shopping and I really enjoyed it - I've got a lot projects running on at the moment and many are unfinished so they will have to wait for the future blog posts. However my craft creation stars of the week have been for me my two crafty jars :) A while ago I showed you the two little cross stitch designs and here is what I've done with them:
2 storage jars (I used the kilner brand) for some of my craft stash - ribbons, in this case. The cross stitch I made forms a nice padded pin cushion and needless to say is the central attraction of the jar lid :)

 A close-up of the stitches :)

I loved both designs and I kind of regret the Cross Stitcher magazine didn't have a design for a pink/purple option either! I may alter one of these designs in the future and adjust the chart for the purplish colours, if I find some time to do it, naturally :)
Here, the jars have been filled up with colour-coordinated ribbons :)

Since I love combining craft techniques I couldn't resist glass painting the jars too! More "vitrail" pics of the jars below:

In my (still imaginary) craft room these two will find their place somewhere on a shelf among the other crafty boxes :) Such is the vision, at least ;P I shall be making more of this type of storage jars in the future :)
Now with the jars being finished, I moved on to glass painting some acetate fronts for my "vitrail" cards. These are both Scandinavian motifs and some occasional patterns. I haven't made this technique for cards for ages and I missed it. I thought it would be nice to have a set of festive cards like these for Christmas. 
The photo shows them being outlined with a relief paste and drying up. Now the fun part lying ahead - filling the outlines up with colours, putting the pieces together and embellishing! Can't wait! 

In the meantime I also knit. My 35th knitted ball :) currently finished and waiting to be stuffed.

If you ever wondered what glass painting looks like, here is a reality behind it :))) Well, stuff scattered all over the table - half painted drying glass, printed patterns, cutouts, paint pots, brushes... and only 15 cm of free space to paint! Dear me! Is it just me or do other crafters practise that too?

Glass painting isn't only about painting with paints, it involves a great deal of squeezing the tubes and dabbing with the relief paste too! In fact the beauty of the painted vitrail glass depends largely on a professional artistic relief application. The more precise, neat and artful, the better!

It's time to join up the blog linking party Hand-made Monday at Hand-made Harbour. Head over there to see some other fabulous crafty creations. I missed my last Hand-made Monday blog hop which is a shame cause I had had quite a lot to show. Thought I could link up on Tuesday morning but it turned out we had to be cut off the electricity for most of the day. So no laptop, no telly, no even a cup of tea! How dependent we are on electricity these days!!!
If you wanna have a peek what I had for show last week, here is the post ;)
Thanks everyone for their visit and comments left behind. x x x


  1. Wow, the jars are fab (love the padded cross-stitch lids!) but what made me laugh was the crowded painting space - EXACTLY like mine!! I actually have an old door (yup, big...) plus some worktop, plus a trolley, plus windowledges with glass shelves for stuff to dry on - and I STILL only have a tiny space to paint in!! I swear it all has a life of its own x

  2. You've certainly been busy - the painted jars are gorgeous. You got all this done and went craft shopping too. Definitely a good Bank Holiday weekend. Cx

  3. These are just super! I love glass painted items and always wanted to give it a go.

    I am also a wee bit nosey and like seeing people's craft spaces :-)

    Thanks for sharing x

  4. These are just adorable, and what a great idea! And love the peek behind the scenes at your painting table. It looks a lot like my work space! I have a huge table to paint on, yet I somehow manage to fill the entire thing up. not sure how it happens!

  5. These are fantastic! I love the cross-stitch lids, they are delightful. One of my favourite things is an object that does two things at once and these storage jars certainly ticks that box. Function and form - bliss!

  6. Love the idea of those jars. So multifunctional, but pretty in their own right!

  7. Your cross stitch is so neat - how can you bear to push pins in it? x

  8. I really love your jars. As for working space - at least you have everything to hand!!

  9. I really like your jars. A great way of combining crafts.

  10. The jars look amazing! I really like the way you've put colour co-ordinating ribbon in each one - it really works :)

  11. Wow - these are gorgeous! I've never tried any sort of intricate glass painting before. Something tells me that I would love it, though!


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