Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Retro-style tealight votives

I like to paint glass according to whatever takes my fancy :)This is the way I enjoy glass painting best. This time I fancied painting a pair of twin tealight candleholders with a stained-glass effect and some India-inspired colours. The outcome? I guess, they look sort of retro :)
It takes a while to paint this sort of votives due to the large amount of single "cells" to fill up with a paint and the more colours you use, the longer it takes. I painted the outlines freehand first, in stages, turning the glass round and letting it dry before I moved to another section. Then I filled the squares with a selection of  red, orange, pink and yellow glass paint and again, it had to dry in stages. Some squares I painted with a clear medium paint so that the candle light will be a fusion of white natural light and "stained glass" light effects. It does look good in the dark, believe me :)

I put a piece of white paper underneath the votives to show you what colourful shades they create in the sunlight :)


  1. I think these look lovely. I can see the Indian influence. How did you keep you lines so straight?

  2. These are beautiful! What a great job you've done. I'm sure they cast such a warm and lovely glow with a candle inside. Lovely, lovely!~


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