Sunday, 19 August 2012

Arne and Carlos "Knitted Dolls"

As a big fan of Arne and Carlos, I have recently purchased their recently released book - "Knitted Dolls with a Designer Wardrobe" :) Very pleased with this buy and another A&C book in my collection :) Initially I hesitated whether I really like those knitted dolls but the more I researched A&C on the internet, the more videos I watched on the YouTube, the more I wanted their new book. Eventually I'm going to give it a go and have a go at knitting a little more advanced form than a ball :)
The book has got a little different feel than their first book - "55 Christmas Balls to knit" - it is not focused on festivity, instead it is all about knitted dolls, dolls houses, knitting, playing with knitwear style, colour and designing a doll of your own choice. You can even knit your own look-a-like!

And both books side by side  (both available on  :) Next year, a 3rd one will be released! CAN'T WAIT! 

A few photos of the inside for you, to grasp the doll climate of the book :) Looks like Arne and Carlos embarked on the mission to teach the nations how to knit :)

What a choice!

Contentwise, this is a bigger book with lots of clothes knitting pattern to choose as well as there are more instructions how to knits a doll's body. Once I'm done with knitting my balls and Easter eggs (!) I'll take up a challenge of knitting a doll. You can make them for yourself or as a gift or simply for your own children to play with :)

Looks like Arne and Carlos are having fun knitting them!

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  1. Hi can you buy the dolls unclothed


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