Sunday, 29 July 2012

Nordic Julekuler: "Poinsettia" 19/55

It's been a while since I blogged a post about my finished knitted Christmas balls. Hope you missed it :P Been knitting quite intensely for the past two weeks and a big build-up of half-finished balls has turned up. Spent the whole day steaming and stuffing the balls and here they are! - 16 new knitted balls! Put them in a big glassy vase for a temporary display :)

So, What do you think? :)
I like to feature individual ball patterns on my blog. Today I'll present the pattern no. 19 - Poinsettia - one of my favourite ones. So Nordic, so Scandinavian and captured my heart with its simple form and geometric shapes so that one poinsettia ball has turned into 6 ones!

I wanted to knit a few variants of different colour combinations and so here they are:
I found the blue and white version particularly nice. Even this blue shade of Heilo yarn is called Norwegian blue :)

Shades of grey (Just two this time, not 50! :P) plus some red would look nice on a festive tree too, I think.

Time to join up Hand-made Monday. Heading over to Hand-made Harbour to see some other lovely creations.


  1. I love your designs and in a glass jar they look so good, not long until Christmas now

  2. ooh Christmas! I love it :) very nice balls, they would be very festive dangling from a tree.

  3. They're lovely and such a different idea :)

  4. My blog countdown tells me it is 148 days to Christmas! this year, as so often happens, is rushing by. the balls look lovely in the glass jar, even better on a tree though. Hope you have a good week.

  5. Lovely blog and great idea with the knitted Xmas decorations.

  6. Love your decorations, did some similar last year and I appreciate how fiddly it is to work the fair isle pattern into the round

  7. I love the design of your knitted balls. There's so many different things
    you could do with them. Thanks for sharing.

    Ali x

  8. I like these a lot, Christmassy but not over the top. I like the red on a white background as the pattern stands out so well.

  9. Oooo, christmas - don't! They do look fab though

  10. I always love your knitted ornaments, and it's hard to believe but Christmas is only 5 months away (if I have counted correctly). OH MY! Those are beautiful, love them in the vase, very nice way to display them.


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