Friday, 20 July 2012

Treuddyn Festival 2012

Just thought I'd quickly blog the photos of my last fair in Treuddyn. It took place last Saturday, 14th July. Yes, I've been a little lazy and slow with up-to-date blogging as my last days were pretty well busy. It's the end of school year now and we've just broken up and started our summer holidays! Woohoo!

Coming back to the festival - it was a public event with some music, dancing, barbequing, archery plus there were some stalls with the car boot junk, jewellery and hand bang stall and 2 stalls with hand-made stuff - mine and my Polish friend, Grażyna :)

This is what mine looked like: (wish you could see all that mud on that day!!!)

Sorry, this bundle of hanging clothes (a nice photo spoiler, eh?) doesn't belong to my stall. It was the car boot junk table top that seemed to be sprawling everywhere under the tent. Somewhat oppresive but what could we do? Home junk sells the best at fairs these days.

Grażyna's lovely stall with hand-made decoupage. She brought her daughter with her too. Probably to boost up her sales! :P Hope, she will like the photo, when she comes here ;)

Some other entertaining places :)

This is the last summer fair for me this year. Think, I'll stop for the time being. Not impressed with the sales. Poor interest and clearly a pinch in people's pockets. May give it a go at Christmas fair later during the year.

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  1. Love your 'Seasons Collection' and the photo frames. It's a shame the fairs aren't going that great.


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