Saturday, 7 July 2012

On the knitting front: Heilo, Falk, Daletta and Freestyle

Some more news from the knitting front. About two weeks ago I received another ordered big batch of Heilo and some other Norwegian wool for my Nordic balls from the Kidsknits online shop. This is my preparation for the knitted advent calendar balls, which I'm gonna start knitting as soon as I've finished the first 55 balls from Arne & Carlos's book. Now, with my holidays coming in just over a week, the prospect of knitting with some fresh yarn is pretty alluring.

The package included some fresh red and off-white Heilo wool, which is the one I've been knitting with so far plus some other DaleGarn yarns: Falk, Daletta and Freestyle.

Freestyle yarn is chunkier than Heilo, very soft and cosy. It's 100% natural worsted wool.

Falk is similar to Heilo in gauge. Soft and cosy to the touch. It can be used instead. it's sportweight type of yarn.

Daletta is thinner than Heilo and supposedly more economical. Looking forward to seeing what balls made with this wool going to look like. 

Heilo is the yarn I rely on. This time beside the red and off-white shade I ordered some grey colours as I want to knit some (off-)white and grey/graphite balls in addition to the whole red-white collection. Think they will go nicely together on the Christmas tree.

And here are some ball "skins" I've knitted for the past 2-3 weeks. Not stuffed or ironed yet as I'm knitting for the pleasure of knitting :) Poinsettia is the pattern I've currently fallen in love with so I've been knitting more of its colour variations :) So truly Nordic! 

Been recently knitting a ball with a metalic yarn (Anchor) and it turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. Metallic yarn isn't as stretchy and smooth as natural wool and tends to tangle more than a natural yarn. I even spent over an hour trying to untangle some loose layers of yarn! Fed up, I started to use a glass to stop my Anchor yarn from rolling and tangling. It works!

I've also discovered how to nicely weave in the loose strands inside a ball and now it all looks neater. Very pleased with myself.

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