Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Dala Horse

After Etruscan Horses I painted another picture of a horse in a different style :) a Dala Horse - folky, colourful, Swedish in origin ...

The picture is painted on an A4 clipframe. I like to use clipframes for painting pictures when I want to give them a frame of my own :) I chose the same colours for the frame as for the horse plus the stripes to deepen the folky effect. So how did I do? :)

A few things inspired me to paint this picture - my interest in Scandinavia, the world-wide fame of the Swedish Dala Horse as a cultural icon and product of Sweden, some lovely pictures of Dalas on the internet, some lovely blog posts like the one of Heather's as well as my own authentic little wooden Dala Horse I bought ages ago at a car boot sale without even knowing it's the one! At the time I didn't quite realize what sort of horse I found, not until I'd become interested in Scandinavia!

Just look at those Dalas off the internet! Aren't they gorgeous?

They wanna make me head north to the cold Scandinavian countries to find one!


  1. It's beautiful, Martha! You did a fantastic job! I love the color and how the border sets off the horse. Its wonderful! I'd love to head north to a scandinavian country as well, Im sure they're having a lovely summer. Well done, as always!


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