Saturday, 16 June 2012

Twin Vases with an entwining leaf motif

Long time no painted glass! Finally I managed to dig out my glass paints and sit down to some painting. With the 1st fair came some new glass painted works. Here are the 1st pieces of my glass art - two twin vases with a leafy motif entwining them.

This time I felt sort of coming back to basics that is using a basic black outliner as in stained glass windows and some mixture of shaded reds, orange and yellows.

The pattern on the vases is a freehand pattern. Simple but pretty eye-catching :)


  1. I do like them, they have a simplicity to them but don't look simple. I think I have explained that badly. I think what I mean is that you haven't overdone the design. Does that sound better? lol

  2. Thank you both for visiting my blog x x x


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