Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Fun Day

There's been definitely lots of going on in Britain recently. We have just finished celebrating the Diamond Jubilee and now there is another big event coming on  - the Olympics. This keeps us, crafters, very busy and inspired. Yesterday there was a village fun day where I live (literally almost at my doorstep) and I took part in it by having my craft stall. I mostly sold my hand-painted glass but also some hand-made Jubilee-themed cards and I also took some of my woolly knitted Norwegian balls to see if people are interested at all in buying them. 
I decorated my stall with Union Jacks flags and bunting, which added a nice "Britishness" accent to the whole thing.

To tell the truth, I didn't sell that much, just several things really (people must be feeling the pinch these days and not ready to spend more than a couple of quids on food and drinks) but considering it was a last-minute event in a tiny village, no wonder the sale wasn't impressive. However I did enjoy myself. It was just simply nice to be out again with my stall in my own village, meeting people and catching up with the news. The weather was just perfect on that day, the organisation was good, the burgers smelt so nice :) A nice warm-up leading to another fairs awaiting, I'd say :) Fingers x it will go even better next time.

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