Friday, 29 June 2012

Fun day in Plas Coch

Last Saturday I took part in a fun day organized around the Plas Coch school in W. Had my stall again, this time under a tree in case of rain. I didn't rain but it was windy A LOT! The wind kept knocking off my glass on and off which kept me worried and on my feet all the time. Also at the end of my selling time the wing blew so strong that one of my painted bowl got chipped by another glass item :(((( Again, I realized that selling glassy items doesn't work well outdoors in rough weather as it does indoors. Sale? Not impressive, I must admit. Think everybody is feeling the pinch these days. Enjoyed it myself tho! I treat every fair like a sort of a lesson on your marketing skills and a feedback on your crafts and people's likings. Still 2 Fairs to go this summer!

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