Saturday, 16 June 2012

Nordic Julekuler: 13, 14, 15, 16/55

Hi there anybody who comes here to have a bit of a nose around :)
Another five balls have recently joined up my Julekuler collection :) Hope you're not bored with looking at them yet! And here we go!

("Christmas Stocking" 13/55)

("X's and O's Version 1", 14/55)

("X's and O's Version 2", 15/55)

("Halling Border" 16/55)

With the 16th ball, I first knit the white version of it (just as most of them are!) then looked in the book and doh! The one in the picture was a red version! (I like to go and do my projects, by the book, literally!) Not the end of the world though! Ha ha ha! So I knited another ball with the opposite colours! :)

("Halling Border" 16/55)

I think I like the 2nd version a little bit more! ;)
And this is all 5 five balls together:

and the whole Julekuler collection so far!:

My Christmas ball statistics is the following now:
Total number of knitted patterns: 16/55
Total numbers of knitted balls: 22
Extra knitted balls: 6
Only 39 balls to go! :)))))

If you are a great great great and I do mean GREAT fan of Arne and Carlos knits, please feel invited to join a growing group of A&C's fans on Flickr. We post our knitted balls photos there and there is possibility to chat too!

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