Saturday, 30 June 2012

Vase with pansies

Another of my recently painted pieces of glass - a vase (can also serve as a bowl for floating candles) with pansies :) The pattern comes from an archival issue of Crafts Beautiful magazine but I haven't got a clue what year.issue it was as I received a cut-out with this pattern from a colleague. 

Spent quite a lot of time painting this one as the paint kept on leaking and streaking down all the time. This is always the case when you paint curved surfaces and the runnier paint, the worse. Must have used millions of cotton buds to wipe off the streaks :-/ Finally the paint was dryish and thick enough to stop leaking over the relief outlines. Used a new paint on the flowers - Pebeo Prisme (new on the market), which turned out to be translucent in the sunlight. 

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