Saturday, 23 June 2012

Nordic Julekuler: "Selbu" 17/55 and "Three Leaf Clover" 18/55

My last week was all about glass painting for the next coming fair as well as knitting some more Julekuler :) I am sooo addicted to knitting these Scandinavian balls that I can't stop! I've recently finished knitting another two balls: "Selbu" pattern and "Three Leaf Clover" 

 ("Selbu" 17/55)

("Three Leaf Clover" 18/55)

The Selbu pattern was alright to knit. Pretty easy and fast to knit, looking very Nordic, I may come back to this pattern in a while to knit a black-n-white version. Enjoyed making this one. The Three Leaf Clover was a bit different story. This pattern creates lots of floats (= loose strands) at the wrong side of the knitting and there's lots of tugging and thread staggering involved. I made my floats rather loose as I didn't want them to distort the shape of the ball and make the surface puckered but then I wasn't sure if my knitting pattern would look ok after stuffing but it did turn out even and smooth! Really pleased :)
In the meantime a new poinsettia pattern has been knitted :)

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  1. These are stunning! How pretty! You really have a talent for these pretty scandinavian knitted balls. I hope someday to be good enough to do pattern like that!


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