Thursday, 10 May 2012


Time flies and I even don't know where it really goes. We already have half of May!!! Thank God winter is gone for good. Springtime is such a lovely time of year. I just couldn't wait! More sunlight, warmer, nicer though not necessarily drier ;P not at least with the weather in Wales :P 
So after hours I keep myself occupied knitting my evenings and nights away :)

Here are some recent knitted woolly balls skins waiting to be steamed and stuffed...

I've knitted a triple coloured ball using 3 different colours. Though it takes me a little longer to knit this gorgeous Eskimo-inspired pattern, I'm gonna knit more of its coloured variants in the very near future. So more balls photos to come soon!

Crafting is one thing but there are other nice things out there to relax with after work :) Recently I have treated myself to a gadget I've been wanting for months - a Kindle e-book reader and I must admit I'm loving it! It's a whole new reading experience!!! For those traditional readers claiming that there is nothing like a traditional paper book in hand, I can only say that Kindle gives you so many possibilities normal books can't - instant access to your books and dictionary anywhere and anytime, massive storage, the possibility of making bookmarks, notes, clippings, tweeting and sharing on Facebook, wireless download within postal charges, no lost parcels, no queuing at bookshops. How good is that!!
Now I've started reading on my way to work! Every spare minute has become precious for me as it gives me an opportunity to read my favourite books anywhere and anytime. At last I can do both my crafts and read my books without giving up on either. To be fair, purchasing a Kindle, in a way re-kindled my interest in books especially in novels and cultural stuff. My first novel I bought for my Kindle was Call the Midwife - Jennifer Worth - one of the bestselling books that caught my eye in WHSmith's :) and I also bought the other books of J.Worth in a paper form too.

Having a Kindle doesn't obvously stop me from buying books in a traditional form :) I still relish the opportunity of rummaging around at the bookshops and 2nd hand bookshops or even car boot sales. Amazon is also a fabulous source of kindle ebooks and so are the friends :))) Oh, and of course I always buy craft books in a paper version :) Can't imagine otherwise.

See? My evenings are totally taken now! No even time to blog more frequently!
I shall try do so though! Promise :)

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